In Northern and Eastern Europe a bizarre belief exists that whenever a cigarette was lit from a candle a sailor would die. This belief sprung from the fact that in time past, sailors supplemented their income source with the sales of matches. Matches was commonly used for lighting cigarettes then, so, lighting your cigarette with candlelight instead of using a matches was more like putting the sailors out of business – figuratively, killing them. Hence, the statement ‘A sailor dies whenever you light a cigarette from a candle’.

From the illustration above, one can conveniently conclude that lighting a cigarette with a candle light is bad. Yes, lighting a cigarette with a candle is bad. Because a sailor dies whenever you light it? No. that is not even possible.


Lighting a cigarette with a candle is bad for some other reasons which are more than just myths. Some of the reasons why you shouldn’t light a cigarette with a candle include:

It is dangerous

The flame produced by your candle is relatively large in comparison to what is needed to light your cigarette. Large candle flames when used to light a cigarette may lead to skin burn.

You will not enjoy the cigarette

When lighting a cigarette, one must ensure that the base of the cigarette is lit evenly. In order for this to happen, one must ensure that a lighter with the accurate flame is used for lighting the candle.

The flame of candle is large and would most likely not be compatible with your cigarette. When candle is used for lighting a cigarette, because of the size of the flame, there is a likelihood that the flame would not burn evenly. This uneven burn would not allow you enjoy your cigarette to the fullest.

It can cause wax spilling onto your skin

Lighting a cigarette with a candle may require you tilting the candle to an end so as to get the flame unto the base of the candle. This act of tilting the candle may cause wax to spill on the skin, cloth and any other surface where it is not wanted. Wax spilled on the skin can be very painful.

The wax from the candle can change the original flavor of the cigarette

In process of lighting your cigarette with a candle, there may be spill of wax on the cigarette. When this wax-infested cigarette is consumed, it may lead to it having a waxy after-taste.


Smoking is meant to be an enjoyable experience for people that smoke. That is why you are not meant to light your cigarette with a candle since it lowers the perfect smoking experience. Starting from the kind of lighter you’d be burning the cigarette with (which should definitely not be candlelight) to how the lighter is to be used, cautions are meant to be taken when lighting cigarettes

Below are kings of lighters appropriate for lighting cigarettes and how to properly use them:

  1. Disposable lighters

Disposable lighters are the most commonly used fire sources for cigarette lighting. To light a cigarette with this kind of lighters, you must first, place the cigarette on your lips, holding the part of the cigarette near your lips with either your index and middle fingers or index finger and thumb. Afterwards, take the lighter on the other hand and then make a flame. The flame should be sustained and then immediately brought to the base of the cigarette. While you are doing this, inhale the cigarette, so as for air to enter and for the cigarette to keep burning. Once this is done, turn off the lighter and then enjoy your cigarette.

  1. From another lit cigarettes

In social situations where you get to smoke cigarette along with folks, this is an interesting option. To light your cigarette from another person’s already lit cigarette, ask them to lend you theirs to light yours. Use the tip of your cigarette to touch the lit area of theirs to light yours. Inhale your cigarette while in contact with theirs until it lights.

  1. From matches

Lighting a cigarette with a matches is another good option. In fact, it is the most traditional option and probably one of the oldest methods of lighting cigarettes.

To light a cigarette with a match, retrieve a matchstick from your match box. Ignite the match stick by striking it against the striker provided on the side of the match box. Upon doing this a flame erupts from the match stick. Bring the lit matchstick to the tip to light it. Make sure to inhale the cigarette while doing this or promptly afterwards.

You may want to use your hands to cover the flames when lighting you cigarette with a matchstick so the flame doesn’t go out while you are inhaling your cigarette.


You can use your candlelight for pretty much other things rather than as cigarette lighters…

Rather than using your candles for lighting your cigarette which can be dangerous. Here are some ways you could enjoy your candles:

  • As a home décor piece: the soft glow candle light provide, makes them useful decorative pieces. Colored candles, floating votive candles, container candles and many other kinds of candles can be lit and used in combination with other decorative pieces to make your home and wherever they are lit, just beautiful.
  • For aromatherapeutic benefits: candles can be used to release essential oils into the atmosphere. These essential oils released via candle burning provide aromatherapeutic benefits. So, if you want to feel relaxed and maybe get some mind therapy, burn scented candles.
  • For setting up a mood: do you want to hold a couple-exclusive romantic dinner? Or a proposal? Or even a special nuptial – like a honeymoon? Candles are special tools with which you can light up the atmosphere and set up the mood required for such meetings.
  • As an emergency light: candles can be used as emergency lighting when something goes wrong with your artificial lightning source.

In conclusion, is no reason why you should use a candle to light a cigarette. There are many good cigarette lighter options you could use instead of candles. Your candles can be useful in many other ways.

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