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Romantic Candles

While candle flickering can be a problem sometimes, it’s definitely a mood maker for a romantic setup.


Candles for Ambience

Candles just like music setting your mood. Unlike the music the candles always set the mood to relax and enjoy the moment.


Need help in choosing the right candle?


The principal interesting point is the place where you intend to utilize the light. It’s smarter to pick unobtrusive fragrances for kitchen spaces, where I would avoid the botanical scents. Attempt a sweet or new light that supplements food fragrances.

A more modest room requires a cleaner fragrance for smell (restroom, kitchen, and so on) might profit by a moderate consuming new aroma that isn’t overwhelming. Bigger rooms, for example, the parlor, main room, or any space with tall roofs may benefit from a faster consuming, bolder aroma (possibly with a twofold wick).


3 of our passionate candle addcited content writers.

The Candle Land is the best that happened to me. I’m happy that I can share the beautiful world of candles with all of you!

Millie Walsh

Proud mother of two, blogger.

I love pancakes and ice cream. Abby introduced me to the Candle Land and candles changed my life.

Meghan Harris


I Work as a marketing assistant for a large candle manufacturer for four years and write about candles in my free time too. I’m 23 and I burn candles every day. It’s just so relaxing and takes any bit of stress away.

Abby Lynch


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