Burning candles, especially scented ones, can be so nice. Some candles can be so expensive that we want to use every last cent of the money used in purchasing them or we never even want to get rid of them. Also sometimes, because of the amazing scent from the candle we are tempted to overuse a candle. However, you must know when to stop using your candle.


Stopping to use your candle at the right time will save you and your apartment a lot of risk. Over the years a lot of people have lost their life works and things that are too precious to them as a result of fire outbreaks caused by overusing candles. It is better to be safe than sorry. It would be so much better to lose a very small amount of money on left over candles than loose a huge sum of money from loss of furniture, documents even lives because of candle overuse, not to even talk of the investments and time spent acquiring all of these things.

Now, how do you know when your candle is done?


Here is how you know that your candle is done and has fulfilled its purpose:

When there is about 1/2” of wax left at the base of the candle.

It’s absolutely alright to have some wax left after burning this is to prevent burning of the surface your candle is sitting on.

You can put out the candle flame by doing either of these:

  • You can put out the flame by blowing it out.
  • You can equally us a bell snuffer; if you are a candle lover and you spend a lot on candles you can also purchase an accessory like the bell snuffer.
  • You can use the lid of your candle if it comes with one. Just place it over the candle just to prevent oxygen from fueling it.


Here are a few things to note while burning your candle:

  • Do not leave your candle lit and unattended. Especially in an environment where there are kids, pets or flammables. Make sure you are burning your candle on a non-flammable surface where you can see them.
  • Do not place your candle near moving air. Moving air includes a still air coming in through the windows, moving air from fans and air conditioning. This is because it causes it to create black smoke stain (soot) on your candle jar or the environment.
  • Do not put out the flame of a wax candle with water. As this is dangerous and can cause hot wax to splatter unto your skin and burn you. You can extinguish it using any of the methods above and if fire is beyond control, use a fire extinguisher.



There are some things you can do to repurpose the left over candle wax so as to get maximum benefit for your money. It however depends on you if you want to still dispose the candles. They can also be used for small family projects. Especially if you are a DIY person, you would know that these candle waxes come in handy at one point or the other. Here are some ideas on what to do with your next batch of leftover candle wax:

  • You can make your own new candle:

Making your own candle is not so big of a deal. All you need is an old candle jar with your own wick. Tie an end of the wick around a pencil and let the pencil sit horizontally on the jar leaving the other end touching the bottom of the jar. Now gather together the left over candle waxes and melt them. Pour the melted wax into the jar. Leave it to cool for a few hours. Trim out the excess wick on top and there! You have your new candle. You can also mix in your own fragrance oils or colorants. Make sure to mix the fragrance in while melting the candle wax and be very careful before mixing in anything that you do not understand especially flammable substances.

  • You can use it to fix your shoelaces:

Your shoe laces are probably frayed and you are thinking of getting new ones? How about you melt some wax and dip the ends of the shoe laces and rolling them between your fingers?

  • You can use them as seals for your letters.

Ever seen movies set in medieval times? Did you see where letters from the king or a very important person is sealed with his own personal seal? You could incorporate this idea into invitation letters for your next event. This method adds elegance to your invitations.

  • You can use them as fire starters.

There may be times when you need to start a fire. Leftover candles can be used to make fire starters. Gather some lint and some paper or cartons. The papers or cartons help to get the wax and lint burning. This will also help your fire burn for a long time.

  • You can do a family project at home.

You can create an avenue for your family to bond and hangout by getting some project done with waxes like making ornaments for decorating the home. This activity is quite easy, creative and unique.

  • You can use them in fixing your sticking drawer.

You should fix that drawer that sticks. All you just have to do is rub the left over candle wax on the part where the woods slides and then try sliding it. You will be amazed at how easily the drawer slides after doing this.


Because candles can come expensive or smell really nice you get tempted to use a candle past its serve time. You have to consciously make the decision to stop the candle from burning past ½” as this will save you from getting burnt! You can however repurpose left over candles for other things.

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