Scented candles always come in containers having lids. These lids most of the times seem useless as they do not affect the burning of the candle in any way. Because of these most people throw away their candle lids upon purchasing the candles.

In opposition to what many people think these lids the candle containers come with are very useful.


One of the important uses of the lids scented candles containers come with is for preservation of the fragrance of the candle. When scented candles are left uncovered, they tend to give off their fragrance, although in lower quantities compared to when they are burning. If the candle is left uncovered for a long period of time, it might loss all its fragrance and this is not good because, at this point, the candle is useless.

Candle lids should be put on the candle immediately it is blown out. This way you would be able to retain the fragrance of the candle, and by extension expand the lifespan of the candle – since a scented candle without fragrance is useless.

Apart from retaining the integrity of your scented candles by preserving the fragrance of the candles, candle container lids can also be useful in several other ways. In this article you will learn of the usefulness of candle container lids.


  1. Candle container lids serve decorative functions

Apart from preserving the scent of your candles, candle containers can be used as decorative items. Many candle lids come with eloquent designs that may be used together with the candle containers as a small decorative piece in the corner of your room where it is kept. Also, when your candle finishes, the lids may be used together with the containers as decorative items.

  1. The lids can be used to keep your candle clean

Debris from the atmosphere as well as dust and tiny sold particles may serve as source of dirt to your candles. The lids container candles come with are to be used to wade of these extraneous items from the candles and by extension keep the candle clan. This is why your candle containers must always be covered with their lids when not in use.

  1. The lid can be used to protect the surface on which the candle is lit.

When container candles are almost used up, the bottom of the container becomes hotter than normal. This high heat may be transferred on to the surface the candle container is placed on by convection, and likely cause damage. To prevent this from happening, the container lid can be placed between the surface and the container candle. To do this, place your container lid on the group, with the cap facing up and place the candle container on it. This way, the candle container would not have direct contact with the surface on which the candle was lit, and likely hazards would be avoided.

  1. The lid may still be useful after the candle is exhausted

After you must have exhausted your candles in their containers, the container together with the lid may still have use. Items like needles, buttons, pins, or even jewelry may be stored in your candle container. The presence of the lid would prevent liquid, dusts and dirt from damaging these stored items, as the lid would completely cover the container.

  1. They can be used to put out the flame of your candles

The lid of your candle containers can be used to put out the flames of the candle. This method applies the principle of suffocation. Hence, when you put out the flame of your candle using the candle lid, you are suffocating the flame. When candle flame is suffocated, the fire goes out at once.



To put out your candle flame with your candle container lids place the lid of the candle on the container and the flame will be suffocated by lack of oxygen. When the lid is placed on the candle container, the flame would use up the oxygen that is inside the candle jar and then extinguishes.

Not all candle lids can be used to put out a candle flame. Candle container lids made from materials such as plastic are not advisable for use in putting out candle flames. If these materials are exposed to the flame and they melt, not only would the container lid be damaged, but the candles too would also be damaged as the melted material would fall back to the candle.

Putting out your candle flames using this method is safe and also good because, the candle was would stay uncontaminated and also the candle would also not give off smoke when extinguished.


Blowing out your candle flame is not advisable because it causing smoking and also debris from the candle wick may fall into the wax and this may affect the performance of the candle. It is best to put out your candle flame with accessories specifically made for that purpose. There are a couple of candle accessories that can be used to put out a candle flame and they include:

Candle snuffers

This device is also referred to as a candle extinguisher. When a snuffer is used to put out a candle flame, problems associated with splashing of wax is avoided.

Snuffers are used in extinguishing candle flames by putting the bell of the candle over the flame until it goes out. The snuffer is not to be submerged into the candle wax.

Wick dipper

Wick dippers too can also be used to put out candle flames. They can also be used to move a wick that is out of place and remove extraneous particles.

They are used in extinguishing the flame of candles by completely submerging them in the liquid wax. When this is done, the flame would be put out, but without producing smoke.

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