Over the years, candles have been used to transform the ambience of the areas where they are lit into a peaceful one. This is due to the minimal light they produce and the softness with which their lights glow. Changing the atmosphere of a place is one of the common uses of candles. It is also a benefit derived from candle burning. Asides this benefit, candle also provides a host of other benefits when burned.


The benefits derived from candle burning are so inexhaustible.

Candles, especially scented ones have a way of modifying our mental state. That is why candles are used for aromatherapy. Inhaling of scented candles has a way of changing our mood and working capacity.

Whist candle burning can change the ambience of an atmosphere; it can also calm the mind. This calm candles bring to the mind is why they are particularly important for use in treatment of psychological as well as physiological disorders through aromatherapy. Disorders, especially those that have to do with mood can be handled through candle burning. Mood swings, depressions, anxiety, lowliness, sleeping disorders amongst others are some of the disorders that can be handled via candle burning.


A proper restful sleep should last for at least 7 hours. Many situations such as bad sleep habits, stress, depression, pain and even poor diet can make it difficult for us to sleep as much. Whilst there are many ways one can handle such sleep abnormalities, burning candles can be a very good option. For people looking to work on their sleep hygiene, and those struggling with insomnia, candle burning may be a good alternative. This is because candlelight quietens the mind and helps bring the needed reprieve for the eyes to shut. Also, asides providing the needed ‘sleep hygiene’ candle burning will provide you with a host of other benefits.

The lights that emanate from our technological pieces (our phones, laptops, television screens etc.) have a way of making us feel more anxious. A good substitute of ‘technological lights’ for bedtime is the candlelight.


The dim light of a candle helps to put you in a sleepy mood, as a feeling of calm and tranquility is evoked. Asides the dim light, the scent too can particularly make you sleepy. There are certain particular scented candles that make you to fall asleep easily. These scented candles can be used at any time of the day to cause sleep, although they function more effectively at nights. Some of these scented candles include:

  • Lavender-scented candles

Lavender is an essential oil often linked with putting people in sleep mood. That is why it is often dropped in pillows to help people sleep. Some sleep eye-masks are also scented with lavender to also aid sound sleep. Another object in which lavender oil is added to aid with sound sleep is the lavender scented candle.

Burning lavender candles help with anxiety problems – it calms the mind down and makes the nervous system relax by slowing it down to optimum working rate. This process aids sleep. When you inhale lavender and it is calming your mind down, the body can relax and then you can fall into a peaceful deep sleep.

  • Rose-scented candles

Rose scented candles, with their calming scent have a whole lot of use. One of these use include, helping with sleep. The sedative effect of rose fragrance can cause sleepiness and help you feel dozy leading to sleep.

  • Neroli-scented candles

Like the rose scented candle, the neroli scented candle, has a floral scent. This candle with its sweet and nice floral scent soothes the mind and helps alleviate stress. In aromatherapy, it is used as a mood-booster and at the same time, as an anti-depressant. Like the rose-scented candle, it has a sedative effect. This is why it is used as a sleep-aid.

  • Chamomile-scented candles

Chamomile scented candles smells lovely and great. Burning this lovely scented candle affords a peaceful night sleep. Alongside helping with sleep, this scented candle can also be used for relieving stress and tension.

  • Cedarwood-scented candles

Cedarwood has a spicy woody smell which is warm and inviting. Cedarwood scented candles help you fall asleep. It encourages deep and undisturbed sleep. It is also used in aromatherapy to help fight stress and anxiety.

  • Sandalwood-scented candles

This scented candle helps put you in the mood for sleep. Sandalwood scented candles are particularly used when you want a longer pre-REM (pre rapid eye movement) stage of sleep.

  • Jasmine-scented candles

Jasmine-scented candle is also a good sleep aid. Like the lavender, it helps relax your body; hence, it makes you go into a deep slumber easily.

  • Bergamot

Bergamot helps you feel stress-free and relaxed. It gives inner peace. When burned at bedtime, it can make you sleep quickly and deeply.

  • Mandarin

This fruity scented candle greatly reliefs stress. People with insomnia use it to help correct their sleeping disorder.


While scented candles can help put you in the mood for sleep, it is not safe to sleep with a burning candle left lit. There are so many potential health risks and hazards that may occur when candles are not put out before sleeping.

  • Wax can leak

This happens when you have a leakage in the glass in which the candle is contained. These leakages may be unnoticed. Wax may spill from those broken crevices and the spilled wax may burn or stain the surfaces on which they are placed. This wax can harden on the surface they are on and one may have difficulty removing them.

  • The candle may burn to the end and cause a hazards

This can particularly happen when your remaining wax in the candle container is small. If this wax burns to exhaustion, the container in which the candle wax is lit may shatter (if glass) due to increased temperature at the bottom of the glass

  • A fire outbreak may occur

Nearby flammable objects such as curtains, wood, clothing, papers etc. may be ignited and cause a fire outbreak when you are asleep. Fire can also result in if the candle containers are knocked over. This is also a possibility.

Two ways you can avoid these hazards, if candle burning is part of your nighttime routine are:

  1. Be sure to put off your candle flame just before finally closing your eyes when you get drowsy
  2. Remind someone at home to put out the candle light once you fall asleep.

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