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The concept of self-care has new meaning these days as a result of the stay at home orders associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Some of us are also embracing DIY a lot more and starting that new business or taking the time out to revamp an already existing one. 

We’re determined to take a more holistic approach which will allow us to be the best versions of ourselves. It’s a complete package – body, mind and soul. 

The one item that seems to enhance the ambiance and complement our routines is a candle, especially ones that are scented and decorative. They are pretty simple to make, so get in on the action while you are still in DIY mode. 

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Do you want to challenge your creativity further? How about deciding on names for your candle company? 

Names set the tone and give your friends and possible customers something to look forward to. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Still not sure how to proceed? Below are methods you can use to name your candle company.

Create the name from the main ingredient.

For a few centuries, paraffin wax has been the go to base ingredient, while more natural sources such as soy have been gaining popularity in recent times. What do you think of when you hear the words “paraffin wax”? 

Perhaps words such as “tradition”, “nostalgia” or “original” come to mind. What about soy wax? “Natural”, “eco” and “clean” may be the words you’re looking for. These and other words may form part of a name, for example, Nostalgic Glow or Eco Cozy.

Additionally, you may select names that refer to soy wax’s ability to burn longer, such as A Love that Lasts. Always A Classic could speak to the fact that paraffin wax is the most widely used in the world.

There are other waxes such as palm, coconut, beeswax and gel. Explore these options and let your imagination run wild!

Create the name from something you love or enjoy.

There must be one song or more that speaks to your soul – music that could be the soundtrack for your life. Or that one movie that never gets old, even though you know the lines word for word. 

You could pull a lyric from a song or an iconic quote from a movie and use them as names (you may need to credit the sources). Baking, massages, sleeping, gardening, reading novels – whatever activity or past time you enjoy may inspire the names for your candle company.

Moreover, your indulgences could provide some ideas. Maybe nothing soothes your soul more than a cupcake. The love you have for this pastry could lead you to a name like, A Sweet Treat in the Dark

Even your favourite teddy bear that comforted you as a child could inspire the name of your  candle company. Make a list of all the things that bring you joy, even if they seem random. Remember, there’s no limit to your creativity.

Create the name from a beloved family member or friend.

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Just like candles, there are some people who are special and warm. They light up a room and give off positive energy. Or they may be fiery and effervescent. 

Why not name your candle company in honour of these special gems? Choosing pet names will add an even more personal touch. 

You may take your creativity up a notch by making candles in the shapes of letters that spell out the name of a birthday celebrant and place them on cakes. 

Also, you may use candles to celebrate the lives of those who’ve passed on. The candle company may be named in their honour. Light the candles during vigils that commemorate their birthdays or the anniversaries of their passing.

Furthermore, candles make excellent gifts, especially for people who appreciate classy décor pieces or aromatherapy. They will hail you as thoughtful, and will cherish the gift, especially if it’s named after them. 

Create the name from the mood it creates.

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A lit candle has the ability to evoke various positive feelings. We can attest to its power to create a vibe in a room. Not sure if you agree? 

May we suggest that you turn off all lights and devices. Now light a candle. Do you feel like exchanging stories with your family members? 

Or perhaps you are in the mood for romance if you are living with your significant other. In that case, sip on some wine and cozy up. 

Or maybe you feel scared whenever the power goes at night. A lit candle may provide some relief until power is restored.

From these scenarios, you may compile a list of possible names which may include, Story Time, Bonfire, Memory Lane, Passion, Snuggle Honey or Sweet Comfort.

Create the name from that name you have and are unsure about.

Your doubt is understandable as branding can propel your product or undermine your efforts. You should ask yourself, “Will this name resonate well with customers?” 

“Does it capture the true essence of what is meant to be communicated?” “Is the name contradictory in any way?”

You will need to do research to see if the name is being used by a competitor. To what social class or tax bracket does your target audience belong? Is it easy to pronounce? Is the name catchy and memorable?

If the responses are satisfactory then you may proceed. Ensure that the name is succinct. It should depict your values in some way. 

Customers should also get a sense that there’s a back story when they see the name. You may present them with a beautifully decorated card that expounds on this story.

Create the name from the colour it has.

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It’s undeniable that colours affect our feelings and moods. For instance, the colour red represents love, passion, excitement, high drama and other emotions. 

Perhaps, a couple could choose a red candle to intensify and rekindle their passion. From this idea, we may create a name such as Crimson Nights or Red-dy or Hot.

Blue is used to help people feel calm and relaxed. You can picture a mom trying to unwind after a long day. 

With that in mind, you could consider a name such as Escape into the Blue or Blue Waves. As the wax melts, so will the stresses of the day.

If you are creating a candle for women who are very feminine or elegant then it’s best that you make pink candles for them. Pink denotes beauty, softness and playfulness. Names such as Pretty in Pink or Relax, Doll may be wonderful suggestions.

You now have the rest of the rainbow to play with. For you, the sky’s the limit.

Create the name from the smell it has.

An ignited scented candle produces an alluring smell that transforms any room. The scents that permeate the air may fall into categories such as floral, fruity, woodsy, warm, gourmand and spicy. 

Gourmand notes such as vanilla and cocoa calm the mind and encourage relaxation. With this in mind, you may decide that the name Pampered by Vanilla is the right fit. Tropical Paradise or Fruity Fiesta may be apt for a candle that smells like pineapple or coconut. 

Your customers can Escape to a Botanical Haven with a candle that smells like tuberose, gardenia or hibiscus.

Essential oils such as lavender, ylang ylang and peppermint provide some form of aromatherapy. You may draw inspiration from the benefits and come up with names such as Lavender Breeze or Pepped Up by Peppermint.

Your customer will choose fragrances that match their taste and personalities, mood or even occasions. Choose from a variety of notes so that there’s something for each person.

Create the name from the shape it has.

The beauty about hot wax is that it can be moulded into any desired shape. Challenge your level of creativity by designing shapes that match occasions, symbols and popular objects. 

A candle in the shape of an Easter Egg could be called Hop to the Light while the name, Bee Mine could be assigned to the candle that looks like a honeycomb. 

Animals, fruits, hearts and flowers are just a few examples of shapes that may be considered.  You may even choose an abstract shape to show off your artsy side. 

Even the traditional, cylindrical candles deserve names too. This style and shape is still the most common. How about names such as Forever in Style, Generations, The Tradition Continues or Voted Most Popular

Candle holders in various designs and materials enhance the overall look of the candle, therefore they may help to determine a name, for example The Golden Rule.

The shapes along with the candle holders are a must as décor pieces. They may be understated or ostentatious. See where inspiration leads you.

Final Comments

A candle, even the most minimalistic one, has the power to engage all of our senses. It is a reflection of our personalities and style. 

As a multipurpose item, it brings love and light to all. It illuminates our paths while evoking feelings of joy, peace and positive energy.

You can stamp your name in the candle making industry by giving it a unique name that denotes quality, integrity, class and creativity. 

As you immerse yourself in the craft, you can trust your interpretations that can lead to clever names.

You can also take pride in knowing that your creations will be included in people’s self-care routines- an activity that is vital now more than ever. 

Your customers will appreciate the messages of optimism and encouragement that are represented in the names of your creations.

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