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A candle is much more than a fragrant piece of decor. A candle is many things, and olfactory object of expression, a time-machine, a therapeutic tool. 

One of the frustrating parts about working from home is maintaining a clear delineation between “work” and everything else. When your “office” is your couch or kitchen counter, it can be all too easy to get sucked back into work after-hours. Or worse, get sidetracked into channel surfing during the workday when you still have many tasks to tackle. One of the best tricks for setting boundaries between home life and work life is to taps into candles’ benefits.

So what are the benefits of candles while working from your home? Here are just some of them:


It’s easy to figure out that everyone most likely involves a few candles during their self-care rituals to reduce stress and execute calming characteristics into the atmosphere. Certain candles are used during aromatherapy to help with depression and anxiety, improve quality of sleep and life, and even relieve some of the side effects of cancer treatments like pain and. When life feels too devastating and throwing your computer out the window is not an option, light a candle with notes of lavender chamomile or frankincense, and pray to the gods that your stress will go down so you that can go about your work.


If scents could help you remember positive memories in your life, they’re more than likely to have the same tendency to increase your mood as well. According to a Japanese study conducted on 12 participants who were depressed, they later stated that lemon’s smell helped lower their dosage of antidepressants, improve their immune system, and regulate hormone levels. The next time you’re feeling a little depressed and want to lift your mood, try to use a candle with rosemary or citrus scents while you meditate in the dark to concentrate on the scent while you’re trying to clear your mind.


The flickering of candlelight produces a lovely ambiance that cannot be replicated. If you are looking to create a cozy or intimate atmosphere, lighting a few well-placed candles in your home can add to the effect. Adding a candle here will create softness in your room, instantly making it feel warm and welcoming.


If you enjoy candles igniting around you while you work, you are way ahead of the game! Candles can help improve focus and productivity. An article published by Apartment Therapy talks about how particular scents can help stimulate your mind and increase productivity. 

This benefit goes hand-in-hand with the advantages of aromatherapy since the scents help increase your level of focus. Some scents that can help improve your focus are mint, orange, lemon, and rosemary. Some soy candles use many of these scents, allowing you to find the ideal one to work with. Use this as an opportunity to cover your desk in candles and enjoy a bit of improved focus!


As we all know before, using an electronics device right before you head to bed can disturb your sleep hygiene and provide long-term poor health effects because you’re not getting your recommended 7-8 hours of sleep. The light emitted from the screens lowers your magnesium levels, making you feel more anxious and less tired.

To fight this, shutting your light off earlier and living by candlelight can help you feel more relaxed earlier in the evening and reset to your natural sleep settings. When you’re not disturbed by technology, it’s easier to listen to your body system and know the exact time to close down for the night without being disturbed. Living by candlelight during the evenings can permit you to be more mindful with your thoughts and actions and give a more restful night’s sleep. Also, this will save some cheddar on that monthly electric bill.


Certain scents can trigger memories and emotions, helping boost your mood and provide you with happy feelings. Many studies have found that smells can trigger emotional memories, which help improve your mood if you feel depressed for whatever reasons. When a scent is connected to your memory, you will trigger those memories and improve your mood. If one of your best childhood memories was drinking fresh lemonade on the back porch with your family, candles could help bring back those memories and make you feel happier.


All-day long, we encounter a lot of smells. Our nose is often solicited and confronted with unpleasant scents. In the car, at the office, in public transportation, the street, pollution, and from the smell of tobacco. There are many times when we draw back from displeasure.

Igniting a candle at home is an extremely easy way to diffuse an agreeable fragrance in our house or flat and feel good.

In the same vein, as we take time to choose our fragrance or the scent of our cream, the scent in our home is essential and contributes to our well-being. 


Whether you are alone at home, with your beloved one, or with friends, a candle is always warm and friendly. This little flame is moving and evoking distant times when electricity did not exist, this pleasant scent. The atmosphere is cozy.

At a time when cozy and comfortable is everywhere, the candle is more than ever the guarantee of an enjoyable environment and well-being at home.


Igniting candles can be beneficial to your health. Part of living a healthy lifestyle is self-care and taking good care of your mind: lighting candles can provide the perfect atmosphere to induce calm and a sense of well-being. If you ever feel engulf by fear or feel anxious, burning candles can help reduce anxiety. Some health benefits are much more straightforward: ear candling is used to get rid of earwax buildup.

Not all candles are made equal: some candles can be harmful to your health, so you have to be careful 


Candles are an excellent addition to every home. While many people like burning candles for the scent, feel, or to add a soothing touch during their weekly self-care session, candles can provide many other benefits that you may not have noticed. Candles are generally known as an aesthetic addition to a home, more decor than anything useful. However, burning candles is supplying you with much more than a pleasant aroma and fun style.

When you ponder why you burn candles, you may realize that they have a lot to offer. They can be soothing, peaceful, and calming after a stressful day. Most people ignite candles on the days they want to relieve stress or, and while they are paired with a cup of wine, a bubble bath, or cuddling on the couch, candles can supply these benefits and more of them.

The first thing to do with scented candles is to change the smell of a room. Indeed, it is very useful for masking bad smells and making the atmosphere of a room more pleasant. Also, essential oils bring certain therapeutic benefits to those who live in the house by acting on their mood.

In addition, scented candles help you reduce the effects of stress. The smell of candles soothes negative emotions, such as anguish and anxiety. The impact of the scent of perfume on the brain relaxes your head and sets you free. They are ideal for quality sleep as they are effective in managing stress. It is, therefore, a great remedy if you want to have a restful sleep. So before you go to bed, you can light a scented candle to relax.

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