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More information is given that indoor candles add more pollutant to outdoor. It not only gives light and create beauty to the environment. It also make the atmosphere warm but some candles add pollution to the atmosphere by releasing particular particles. There are various way that add pollution to the environment of home like cooking, electric equipment, heating, and various cooling system. This blog mainly shows about the consumption of candles pollution in air. It discolour the wall ceiling and disturbs the colours of walls. Different candles are used in different ways includes different perfumes and ordour to the environment because different pollutants are emitted in different ways. Large number of candles are made of paraffin wax. And blend of paraffin and other waxes. Paraffin is extracted by the petroleum. The emitted paraffin candles consist many of the same toxins produced by burning diesel fuel. It is more similar to the starting of engine at the home.

Candles inside may cause allergy

Candles contains of perfume may cause different allergic reactions. Their symptoms include itchy or watery eyes, sore throat, block nose, skin irritation or asthma conditions. People suffering from asthma may affect more. Chemicals emitted from the scented candles may cause these kinds of allergies. Headache and rashes are also the kind of allergies caused by different candles.

Different kinds of candles in market

There are large number of types of candle available in the market. They have different distinguish features. They are of different shapes, colour and sizes. Some are so attractive and appealing. Some also are anti- mosquito. There raw material are made of paraffin. People commonly thinks that candle do not emit smoke but it is wrong they have invisible and steady emitting smoke function but it emit the smoke and wall which is near the candle can turn into grey after some time.

Emission of pollutants

The study showed after the research on the emission of smoke of candles show that the main component which candles emit are lead, zinc and soot.

Other emitted components are

  • Polycyclic aromatic Hydrocarbon are released
  • Volatile organic compounds.
  • Aromatic Hydrocarbons species
  • Aldehydes
  • Particulate matter
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are very dangerous and it causes irritation to eyes, nose, throat and headaches. As it contains large number of carbon substances. Other main substance Volatile organic compound which cause irritation to lungs, damages kidney, liver and central nervous system. Some VOCs are too much dangerous that it cause cancer. Aromatic Hydrocarbons species may causes nasal tumors, irritation of eyes and respiratory tracks to humans. Other components causes may include heart and lungs diseases.

Chamber to determine the candle pollution

A chamber was introduces to check the pollution of candles. It has three parts. The place where you can place candle. It has cylindrical shape. With 0.6 height. The other colonial shape where gases can emit. At top there is a sack where sample of candle can be taken.

Different studies about candles pollution

Van Alphen study showed that the candles which are made from lead core are very dangerous and their danger is unacceptable to human health. ONriagu and Kim s also showed that the release of lead from metal core is very dangerous but the zinc emitted inside is not a risk for the health. In the end the study showed that lead-wick candles should be banned in every country because they are health risk to everyone inside and outside as well.

Purpose of candles used at home

After a hectic day one should need to come back to home and have a dinner in the light and smell of candle. It releases the stress but it creates pollution to the environment because of different toxic materials present in it.

How to get benefits from candles and minimize the consequences?

  1. You can trim the wick size of the candle before lightening it for the first time. Don’t use the candle with the thick wick, if it is containing thick wick cut it and make it thin. It should burnt down with the wax.
  2. You use the containers of candles with narrow mouth opening. It cause unsteady air flow and increase flicker. Use the candle without any close stand and avoid dripping of was on your furniture.
  3. Place the candles where there is straight ventilation.
  4. Try to burn candle for one hour of necessary. After that delight it.

Other Alternatives used for candles

  1. Use candle warmer that require no flame. And gently warm the wax of the candle. It do not emit any smoke, soot and chemical
  2. If you want to burn candle in the room use scent in the room. That will act like a diffuser It consists of essential oils that absorbs the chemicals and fills the room with natural fragrances.
  3. Bees soy and wax candles are also another alternative to use candle. If its use is necessary. They burn cleaner paraffin wax. It is less effective way of creating allergy. It does not produce chemicals and soot but it is more expensive than the paraffin candles but burn longer.
  4. Soy Candles are generally the petroleum based candles. They burn slow and cool. It cause less allergies and cleaned up with soap and water. It produce less soot than the paraffin candles. The best thing is that it is more child friendly and did not cause any harm to your child.

Burning candles bad for you or not?

From the last few years the topic of burning of candles inside the home gained much attention. As the environment protection agency pay attention on the particles emitted by the candles. And determine the risk level for health for burning of the candle. As variety of ways are used to manufacture the candle and different chemicals are used. Scented candles are the most likeable candles foe the customers. And growing popularity from many years but when they are burnt they release number of organic substances which are risk for the health and increase the expose of pollution in the air.

How scented candles are manufactured?

Manufacturing of candles cannot be considered important but people usually focus on the purchasing of beautiful and attractive candles. There are number of danger elements are used in the manufacturing of scented candles which may have great effect on indoor quality of air. The wax use in the candles are the major source of indoor air pollution. There are wide range of candle waxes in the market which are carcinogenic. These emit benzene in the air. A recent study shown by the American Chemical society showed that the particles emitted by most of the candles are cancerous.

Why are candles bad for Air Quality?

When you talk about the candles many factors that are included in the increasing the level of pollution in the air. As we discussed above. As we discussed chemicals used in wax are very dangerous, other particles are made from soot that are used to construct the candle. If you place any piece of cloth above the candle it turns into grey after sometime, so slowly and steady it increases the pollution in the air.

Following health risk may cause by burning the candles inside the room.

  • Premature death cause in the people dealing with heart and lungs diseases.
  • Heat beat will be irregular
  • Asthma
  • Lungs function can be decreased.
  • Coughing and different respiratory issues.

Dangerous Chemicals used in candles

As we have discussed earlier that number of organic chemicals are used in manufacturing of candles that are found in the inside environment while burning of candles. These dangerous gases are the primary function of increasing pollution in the atmosphere. These organic compound level are 2 to three times higher than outdoor environment. Other organic compounds found in the candles used at the homes are acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, and acrolein. All these are risk to the human health and make the lower quality of home environment. The research showed that small quantity of formaldehyde are not dangerous for the health but if the level increases it is very dangerous.

How to improve the air quality of your room after toxic candle emission.

Indoor quality of air is very important for your home because most of the people spend most of their time at home or inside. If you have toxic elements in the air of your home it will definitely damages your health. There are number of ways present in the market to improve the air condition of your home and the best is that you should have air purifier at your home. They are manufactured in the way that they clean the air of your home and filter the pollutants. They maintain the quality of air inside the home. Their traditional purifier technology deploy the chemicals and make the works easier. Or use candles made of soy or bees wax as we discussed earlier that they are less toxic for your health as well as for the air quality of your home.

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