There are a number of things to consider in the selection of candles. First, you have to consider the type of candle you want; scented or unscented. If you want to purchase the scented variety, you first have to determine what aroma you want and why.

Scented candles can come in different aromas such as; chamomile, peppermint, lavender, rose and many others. They are usually chosen based on personal tastes and preferences. However, price is also a large factor, along with toxicity; as most people would rather go for the most affordable nontoxic candles.


A candle can be described as “toxic” if dangerous chemicals and by-products into the air while it is burning. Interestingly, most candles which are made from synthetic or artificial materials fall into this category (e.g. paraffin wax candles). This is because they usually let off volatile organic compounds such as toluene, benzene and acetone, when they are lit; and these chemicals can cause great harm to human – and animal health – when they are inhaled in large quantities. One of the major effects of these chemicals (i.e. toluene, benzene and acetone) is that they can lead to – or worsen – respiratory illnesses when they are breathed in, in large amounts, for too long. Another reason why these chemicals are described as “toxic” is that they are carcinogenic, and may also lead to cancer; following longterm exposure.

While harmful components that make candles toxic are majorly found in the candle wax, the type of dye (i.e. in the case of colored candles), fragrance (i.e. in the case of scented candles), and wick used in making the candle also plays an important role.

Some dyes give off harmful volatile components, when they are burned as the candle has been lit. The type of fragrance released into the air may also contribute to the toxicity of a candle (even to a larger extent), because scent, in particular, is known to be volatile (when scented candles get things wrong, people are likely to complain more about nausea, headaches and other symptoms that indicate that the compounds they are inhaling are bad for their health). Similarly, using unsuitable wicks in candle making can contribute a lot to the toxicity of a candle. This is because the candle’s wick is one of the components that is usually designed to disintegrate as the candle burns.



Non-toxic candles are the type of candles that are designed to produce minimal to zero toxic components, when burning. These are candles that have been made with a lot of effort to keep things as natural and as clean as possible, and every part of them are supposed to reflect this; from the materials used in making their waxes, to the type of wick used in their production, the type of fragrances used, the type of dyes used and so on.

Typically, non toxic candles are made from waxes such as beeswax (which is one of the best quality waxes in the market, as it is not known to release volatile components), palm wax, soy wax or waxes that are combinations of any of them (some candle waxes are mixed, in the sense that they may contain certain percentages of one type of wax and other percentages of other kinds). Also, the kind of fragrances used in the production of non-toxic candles are usually from essential oils (which are known for their high quality, non-toxic properties) or from phtalate-free sources. Similarly, the types of dyes used – in the instances of colored candles – are usually natural. And the best kinds of non-toxic wicks are typically those made out of paper or cotton.


  • Heart of Europe Beeswax Candle

Our first pick ismade from a combination of beeswax and soy wax, which gives it its non-toxic property (particularly because beeswax is claimed to purify the air, through the release of negative ions).

Heart of Europe Beeswax Candle is an excellent, high quality candle that is good for those who have allergies and notorious for its slight honey scent. Priced at as low as €3.00, they are very affordable. And while they are made in Brussels, Heart of Europe candles are delivered to several countries in the world (particually European countries), which means their beeswax candles are also accessible.

  • Lefeuco u-shaped candle

The Lefeuco u-shaped candle is known to be aesthetically pleasing as well as nontoxic. This elegant candle is in the form of a u-shape, as its name implies. It is also made completely of soy wax, with a wick made from cotton. This candle is promoted as cruelty-free. This candle can be bought for less than $20.00!

  • Smells Like Books Gatsby Scented Candle

Smellslikebooks is a store based in…that make cruelty-free and vegan candles, which are phthalates-free, non-toxic and sustainable. They make candles which are themed after books, characters in books and well, literature; and their Gatsby candle is guaranteed to smell just like gin, jazz and jealousy. It also sells at less than $25! (and there may be discounts when you first sign up at their website). Smells Like Books ships their products to various countries across the world.

  • Vanilla sandalwood pet odor neutralizer

If you’re a proud pet owner, the Vanilla sandalwood pet odor neutralizer might just be perfect for you!

When we share our living spaces with furry companions, sometimes, we may begin to perceive a distinct aroma. While lots of people do not mind, a significant amount of people would opt for ridding their homes of this distinct pet scent. And that’s where this candle comes in.

The Vanilla sandalwood pet odor neutralizer is phatate-free, cruelty free as well as paraffin free. They are made of nontoxic materials such as soywax, and even their fragrances are non-toxic (also, their jars are absolutely reusable). This product is priced at under $25 and can be delivered to several contries across the world (there may also be discounts at certain times).

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