Candle burning is one sure way to improve to the mood and atmosphere of your living space. However, there are different kinds of candles in the world.

Ever since the inception of candles, various kinds of it have been in existence. Some of these kinds are predominant in certain regions or parts of the world, while others are more common elsewhere. Candles can be made from different materials such as tallow, beeswax, soy wax, palm wax and so on. Different wicks are also in use globally; e.g. wicks made of wool and wood.


Candle wicks are typically made from cotton, which runs throughout the length of the wax. They work by performing a simple task; which is to soak up the melted wax produced when they are lit. Most candles of this type are specially braided and designed to disintegrate while burning, with the production of as little soot as possible.

While candles made with cotton wicks (or wicks gotten from other fibers) are more common, candles with wooden wicks offer their own unique properties.


First of all, candles with wooden wicks are known to be somewhat fancier and more sophisticated, because they are not very common. Another reason why they are liked is that they burn a lot lower than other kinds of candle wicks, which are designed to soak up candle wax (which is technically the candle’s fuel source) and therefore tend to develop high flames. Unlike candles with wicks made from fiber, wooden wicks tend to smolder, and accumulate heat which leads to better scent distribution (hot throw) in the case of scented candles.


Candles with wooden wicks require just as much care, and maintenance, as candles with other types of wicks (e.g. fiber wicks such as cotton).

First of all, they have to be trimmed to a suitable length before the candle is first lit. This is because when the wick is too long, the flame produced will be too high and the candle will burn too hot. Owing to the fact that candles (particularly those made out of soy) tend to have long memories that last through their maintenance and the entire course of their burn time, candles made of wooden wicks need to be properly cared for from the very first time they are lit.

Therefore, improper trimming (or no trimming at all) can lead to tunneling in the instance of wooden wicks (the ideal length of the wooden wick should be about one-fourth of an inch).


Other maintenance tips include the following:

  • Do not burn your candles for more than four hours at a time

Candles with wooden wicks should not be lit for more than four hours at a time, as this may increase the probability of tunneling, and other issues that can reduce the lifespan and burning quality of the candle.

  • Use a candleholder

Candles with wooden wicks that do not come with their own containers should be placed inside a candleholder before use, as this will secure them in an upright position, which will go a long way into improving their longevity.

Apart from this, the use of candleholders tends to prevent the risk of fire accidents.


WoodWick is a well-known brand of scented candles that are a household name in several countries in the world (they are a brand under Yankee Candles). One thing that sets this brand apart from others is the fact that they use wooden wicks. They are known for their stylish and elegant products, which graces homes with a luxurious feel and the distinct crackling sound of a soothing fire.

There are different types of WoodWick candles, as this brand strives to deliver excellence to suit many peoples’ tastes and preferences. The most popular versions include the following:

  • WoodWick Trilogy Candles

The WoodWick Trilogy Candle is a type of candle that holds three different types of fragrances in one single candle. This is achieved when each of the three fragrances is released at different phases of the candle’s burning time. This way, each new scent is unlocked at a different point in time, giving off a thrilling feeling of adventure and excitement during candle burning.

  • WoodWick Hourglass Candles

The WoodWick Hourglass candle is known for its elegant and aesthetically pleasing look (which is mainly because of its hourglass-shape). This unique look is part of why this kind of candle is considered stylish and trendy.

  • WoodWick Ellipse Candles

The WoodWick Ellipse candle is a special brand of candle that is famous for its unique shape. The shape of this candle makes it aesthetically pleasing, and suitable for decoration. While burning, it tends to give off a warm and pleasing aroma that livens up your living space.


WoodWick Candles are a notable brand in the United States that are quite renowned for their high quality and non-toxicity. This is because they are made from high grade soy wax, which is widely known to be non-toxic.

The wooden wick used in this brand is promised to produce a distinct crackling sound when it burns. It is also a brand that is known to deliver a wide range of products when it comes to the types of scents available.

The type of wood used for making the wicks of this brand of candles is known to be all-natural, which means that it is not likely to produce harmful chemicals when burning.

Being a non-toxic brand, WoodWick candles make excellent gifts and presents for people of all ages; they are sophisticated enough to appeal to a relatively young demographic, however, they are also suitable for much older people. Because of the type of wax used in their production (i.e. premium, high grade soy wax), they are not likely to offset many people’s allergies. Also, the soft crackling sound they produce when they burn is another great selling point that appeals to candle lovers of all ages.

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