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The candle is something which is made of wax. It can be used to give light and heat. The one who is making a candle is known as chandlers. They are manufactured with paraffin. Jel candles are manufactured half with paraffin and half with plastic. The other materials are plant wax, soy, beeswax, and also the waste material of bees that is known as tallow. Many people are adopting candle making as a profession and earning a good amount out of it.

There are different types of candles available in the market. Scented Candles and aroma candles are the best ones which give the house a different and beautiful look. At the earlier times, only simple candles are used but with the passage of time, a large range of different kinds of candles are available which are used on different occasions. Scented candles are also lied by the people and their demand is increasing day by day but they are expensive. Earlier candles are used for heating and lighting purposes but now it became a class. They are also used as a piece of decoration in most of houses. Candles are a symbol of different things. In religion it symbolises peace.

Candles are available in different sizes and shapes. It is becoming an art. People are doing different decorative works with them. There is a limitless variety of shape, size, and smell of candles available which are adjusted on different occasions. They are also playing important role in the decoration of homes in innovative designs.

Scented Candles for Home Decoration 

Mesmerizing scent sets a beautiful scene at your home. Different beautiful scents create a wonderful and relaxing environment in our home. You can buy candles with different scents to create a comfortable and relaxing environment. The different scents like heady aroma, fresh lavender, or the sweet smell of roses. You can select the scent which gives your house a pleasant look and smell. Scented candles are the best way to make your home full of fragrance but where should you place them for correct order and smell it is a difficult task. In this article, we will assist you to tell you the right scented candle at the right place in your house. 

Where to put Scented Candles 

There is no place in your house where you can’t put the candle but placing it in the right place can improve the efficiency of their fragrance, so you can enjoy the beautiful fragrance in your house. Here are the best places where you can decore the candles and gives your house a pleasant effect. 

  • Bedroom 

The Bedroom is the place where you can get relax and feel comfortable. So it is important to set the candles in your bedrooms to give you a more relaxed environment. Lavender is the best choice for your bedrooms. You can easily relax in the smell of this candle. It gives you a more comfortable and soothing sleep with a lot of pleasant dreams. 

If you are dealing with a tough routine and need to relax after a tiring day. If you want to take a break after the busy day. Rose fragrances can release your stress and provide you relaxation for your entire evening. 

If you want a romantic environment around you. Try the scents of ginger and Jasmine. They are rich in the smell. These contain many qualities that can easily set your mood. 

The question is that where you should put the candle in your bedroom because placing it in the right place can improve its efficiency of fragrance. There are a lot of flammable materials available in the bedrooms which can easily catch the fire like curtains, bed, and clothes. It will look great if you place scented candles on your dresser or any desk available in your bedroom. Try to blow out the candle before you fell asleep because it will be risky because you can’t observe it while burning after getting into sleep. 

  • Bathrooms

Bathrooms are also considered as the perfect room for relaxation. Imagine that you are sinking into a bubble bath full of fragrance after the tiring day, enjoy the smell of beautiful candles. This is the best way to melt the stress of the whole day. Lavender and Vanilla fragrances are best for bath times. As they give relaxation to your senses. Linen scents are also used for a calming effect. 

If you want your bathroom to give you fresh feeling citrus, mint and ocean-inspired are the best candles. It makes your home clean and contemporary. Bathrooms are usually small so it is wise to select candles that are small in size. The best place to put the candle in bathrooms is the back and side of your bathtubs. You can also use the counter as another place to put the candle. 

  • Living Room 

Living rooms should always be the best place in your house to place scented candles for several genuine reasons. It is the place where you spent most of your time. If you place sandalwood scent in your living room that will give you a fabulous feel. They give a warm feeling to your visitors with a warm welcoming note. They also help to boost your mood and make you feel active and alive. If you light this scented candle it will make your living room a comfortable and relaxing spot. It is sure that you feel good in the smell. 

The Living room gives you different spots to place the candle. You can place it near the coffee table or side table but take proper care that you should not place them near objects which are flammable. 

  • Kitchen 

If you are thinking that putting candles in the kitchen is quite a stupid thing. You are wrong. Some of the food are not having a delicious smell and their smell is quite empowering. So it is best to use the scented candle in the kitchen to overcome the smell. 

How do Scents change your mood?

When your home smells pleasant. It more than something that you feel comfortable and peaceful in your house. Certain scented candles not only give your home a pleasant look but also feel relaxed. They create positivity around you. Inhaling sweet and pleasant smells can create good essence in your mood. For example, the sweet smell of lavender gives you a relaxed feeling. The fresh smell of newly washed linen can make you full of energy and increases your energy level. They are helpful in increasing energy and releasing stress. They clarify your mind and give clarity to your thoughts. 

  • Apple Scent 

The study on the odor of apple scent shows that the scent of green apple control anxiety and stress. If you are facing stressful headaches it gives you a soothing feel. It is also helpful for your migraine issues. 

  • Peppermint Scented Candles.

When you want to boost your mind power. Peppermint is the best way to improve it. It is proven that the smell of peppermint increases  stamina. 

  • Citrus Scented Candles

Citrus fruit includes grapes, lemon and orange make the environment more cheerful and positive.

  • Lavender Scented Candles

This scent gives you soothing and calming sleep. It makes you feel more relaxed and gives you a calming effect. 

  • Vanilla Scented Candles

Vanilla scented candles are used to make the environment romantic but apart from this these candles also lift your mood and give you a feeling of relaxation and joy.

  • Cinnamon scented Candles

The fragrance of these candles brings clarity to your mind and thoughts. Its smell is warm and spicy. It is very refreshing and gives you clarity of thoughts and makes you refreshing.

  • Pine scent candles

The scent of these candles is to decrease anxiety and stress. It gives you a calming effect and decreases depression.

Make your home smell pleasant with scented Candles. 

  • If you are still having wax left and the wick is no longer. You can still utilize it to fragrance your home. You just simply put that wax into the burner. Your entire place will be scented again. If you use this way of melting candle scent remains for a long time in your house. 
  • You can make your home full of fragrance without even lighting up your candle. Throw your favourite smell on any Curtin of your house. 


Buying different candles for different places in your home will give your home a pleasant look as well as smell. You will also feel comfortable and relaxed. You can place your favourite scented candle at the favourite spot in your house. On the principle of aromatherapy scented candles refresh your mood. If you want to buy scented candles remember to buy the candle which suits your mood and makes your mood calm and relax. 

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