Candles are small and portable items that have existed for thousands of years. Over the years, they have evolved to suit the world’s needs, and everything that has to do with the consumers’ needs. The use of aromatherapy, in relieving stress and aiding relaxation, has created a wide demand on candles, because they are major tools used in the practice of aromatherapy. Due to the major roles scented candles play in this form of therapy (i.e. aromatherapy) – and the kinds of materials used in making them – their prices range from cheap to very expensive.


The best things about using expensive candles, especially as you step into the new year (2023), is the fact that you know that these candles are of high quality; therefore, you can be assured that these candles will be very effective in their use as tools of aromatherapy. Some of the most expensive candles in the world are those that come from luxury brands that have established a suitable reputation for themselves over the course of several years, decades, and – in some cases – centuries. Some of these brands may even be relatively new, in the sense that they were established relatively recently, however, they have been able to build a reputation for themselves within a short time.


Other benefits of using expensive candles include the fact that they (i.e. expensive candles) are a bold, new statement of a person’s sense of sophistication and taste; which is why we have put together this list of the most expensive candles in 2023:

  • Mottahedeh (Tobacco Leaf Hurluminare Fu Dog Vessel Candle)

The Mottahedeh (Tobacco Leaf Hurluminare Fu Dog Vessel Candle) is a candle that is has a great reputation, when it comes to luxury candles. Its scent notes are a mixture of bergamot, musk, jasmine and fig. It is made of completely natural wax that gives it its outstanding qualities. This candle has a burn time of around 80 hours and it is priced at around $500.

  • Pietra L11 Candle Holder in Pietra D’Avola Limestone

Pietra L11 Candle Holder in Pietra D’Avola Limestone is a product of the luxury brand Artemest. Artemest is an online provider of luxury home décor; include elegant furniture pieces, scones, mirrors, candles, rugs and table chairs.

The Pietra L11 Candle Holder in Pietra D’Avola Limestone is actually a candleholder that comes with a scented candle. Apart from Pietra D’Avola marble, this candleholder can also come in other types of materials, which are also designed to give your home an ideal level of sophistication and luxury. The Pietra L11 Candle Holder in Pietra D’Avola Limestone is priced at $390, which places it on the higher end of things, as far as candles are concerned.

  • Madurai

Madurai is a candle that is made from one of the oldest and most luxurious candle makers in France (and even the whole of Europe). This candle can be used for a range of different occasions, and for different uses. The Madurai candle contains and emits note of Indian Jasmine, which has a very alluring and appealing fragrance, which has been used for centuries in India and other parts of Asia. The Madurai comes in only one size, which weighs 270 g. It is about 9 cm in height and has a burn time of about 60 hours. It is priced at around $690.

  • Cire Trudon (Trudon and Balmain Great Candle)

This candle is a product of a unique collaboration between Trudon and Balmain, which are two of the most luxurious houses in France. The resulting product, Cire Trudon (Trudon and Balmain Great Candle), is both elegant and delectable, and we’re talking about everything about it; from its amazingly designed container to its unforgettable fragrance, which is a unique combination of leather, black rose, cigar notes and gunpowder.

  • Large Coriander Candle

This candle is made and prepared with special care in order to give off a unique and special coriander essence. The Large Coriander Candle is a spectacular pick of luxury candles that is handcrafted in Spain, which gives it is unique exotic presence. The fragrance of this candle is known and renowned for its freshness, which contains notes of a woodsy aroma which is unique to it. The candle comes inside a glazed terracotta vessel, with a base that is stamped. It comes in a weight of 170g, which is guaranteed to have a burn time of around 30 hours. Another name for coriander is dhania, cilantro or Chinese parsley. All parts of coriander is actually edible, and known to be aromatically pleasing.

  • Paradise Candle Gardens Of Valencia

The Paradise Candle Gardens of Valencia is not just a candle, it is a beautiful work of art that was created by Antonia Nogueron. The candle comes with porcelain cardholders that were made from inspiration gotten from Henry Rousseau’s work. The illustrious French artist had an amazing way of seeing and portraying nature, which inspired the creation of this candle.

The Paradise Candle Gardens of Valencia was made in Spain, at the hand of a candle maker and company that has over 60 years worth of experience in the art of porcelain making. All these qualities come together to make this candle one of the most luxurious and expensive candles in the world, with a distinct telltale aroma of citrus, bergamot tuberose sandalwood, fruit and milk that compose the Garden of Valencia fragrance. This candle is priced at over €800.


Quite a number of candles have been able to establish their place as some of the most expensive in the world. However, one candle which is likely to take home the title, as we step into 2023, is likely to be Lladro’s Parrot’s Treasure Scented Candle, which is priced at $975 dollars. Other candles which may put up a fierce competition for the title are likely to be products of well known, reputable luxury brands like Balmain, Trudon and others that have made a name for themselves in the field.

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