Candles are becoming popular, and this is one of the reasons why people around the world are developing more interest in them, and learning things like; how they are made, how to use them, how to make them last, store them and preserve their scents.

When people step into the world of candle usage (particularly in the case of scented candles), one of the major points of concern for them is the idea that being a candle lover comes with additional expenses to their personal budget, which is why people are interesting in knowing the best cheap candles in 2023.


When people talk about cheap candles, they usually refer to candles whose prices fall under $30. While such candles are usually seen as affordable, it is typically seen as a better point of advantage, when they are also smell great (even at such a low range of prices). This is why we have put together this list of the best cheap candles in 2023:

  • P.F. Candle Co. Los Angeles Soy Candle

This candle is one that has been imbued with the fragrance of Los Angeles. It has the scents of jasmine, redwood, yarrow and lime, and this combination is one that usually inspires people to recall the shores of the City of Angel’s West Coast. Even more amazingly, this candle goes for around $20!

P.F. Candle Co. also has other fragrances of candles such as Cannabis, Pinon, Teakwood and Tobacco and Amber and Moss.

  • Craft & Kin Scented Candle

The Craft and Kin Sea Salt Scented Wood Wicked Candle is a type of candle that gives off the fragrance of the seaside. It is made completely from soy wax, with a wood wick that burns slower and allows the wax to melt evenly (for a longer period of time). This candle comes in different other fragrances apart from sea-salt (e.g. Fresh Linen and Watermelon). This candle only costs about $17.99, which makes it wonderful for candle lovers on a tight budget.

  • Vanilla Bourbon Library Card Glass Candle

The Vanilla Bourbon Library Card Glass Candle is a type of candle that exudes the sweet, mouth watering scent of vanilla with the warm exoticness of bourbon. This candle comes in a red glass jar, into which it has been hand poured. This candle has the aroma of black bourbon and crushed vanilla beans with sugarcane and distinct notes of orange. It is also budget-friendly, since it is priced at only $24!

  • Anthropologie Pumpkin Ramekin Candle

The Anthropologie Pumpkin Ramekin Candle is a wonderful candle that perfectly embodies the Halloween spirit. Not only does this candle contain the delectable fragrance of pumpkin, it also comes in a unique container that is shaped like a gourd. This is one of the things that adds an extra layer of personality to the use of this candle, especially during Halloween season.

  • Paige’s Candle Co Hazelnut and Coffee Taxonomy Candle

The Paige’s Candle Co Hazelnut and Coffee Taxonomy Candle is a product of a Black-owned candle brand that specializes in the production of handmade, vegan soy candles. Paige’s Candle Co. also has a vested interest in uplifting inner city neighborhoods with proceeds from their candle sale.

Their Hazelnut and Coffee Taxonomy candle is an amazing candle that has notes of hazelnut, coffee and vanilla. This candle comes in three sizes, which are; the 16 oz large (with a burn time of about 90 hours), the 9 oz standard (with a burn time of about 45 hours), and the 4 oz Mini (with a burn time of about 26 hours). This candle was specially designed to create a unique taxonomy experience.

  • Yankee Candle Farm Fresh Peach

Long before the increased global interest in candles, Yankee Candles had already made a name for themselves as one of the most reputable brands of candles out there. They have been around for a long time, and have established a catalogue of many extraordinary scents within that timeframe. However, there is just something different about their Farm Fresh Peach fragrance. Many avid candle lovers who have sampled Yankee Candle’s vast array of fragrance list have cited their Farm Fresh Peach candle as an all time choice. This is because of the candle’s unique blend of green leaves, orange, apricot, prune, peach, vanilla, plum and musk, which is able to create the atmosphere of an orchard, within the space and comfort of your own home. This candle can be bought for about $24, which makes it a budget friendly great find.

  • Cedar and Suede Soy Candle

The Cedar and Suede Soy Candle is a product of Public Goods, which is an amazing product as far as candles go. This candle is popular for its high-value-for-money-worth factor. It is a hand-poured item with a wonderful fragrance that comes from its unique blend of cedarwood, oakmoss, amber and jasmine. This candle is also vegan-friendly and free from artificial sources of toxins such as dyes, phthalate, BPA, and lead. The Cedar and Suede Soy Candle is also good for candle lovers who are on a tight budget, since it costs only about $10; which makes it a magnificent find for the minimalist candle lover.

  • Brooklyn Candle (Travel Candle Tin)

This candle gives a renowned mystical vibe that is cutesy of its distinct woodsy fragrance. It is a renowned candle brand that is known for its elegant physical attributes (the candle comes in a container – basically a travel can – that has its own unique design, which makes it aesthetically pleasing). However, the elegance of this candle’s fragrance is another thing that is worth noting. It is made with soy wax. Its aroma is an amazing blend of cedar and sandalwood that is designed to catch people’s attention and linger in their memory. Another amazing fact about the Brooklyn Candle Travel Candle Tin candle is the fact that you can get it for less than $30! (This candle is priced at only $18).

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