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The candle manufacturing industry is a large and growing industry valued at billions of dollars. The candle-making industry is projected to have a market value of $6.64 billion dollars in 2027. The growth of the industry is mainly due to consumer awareness. More and more people are appreciating the use of candles – especially scented candles. About 70% of households in the US burn candles and this percentage is increasing steadily. Due to the increase in the size of the candle market, it is more so important that there is an increase in the number of people and industries involved in candle-making.

Candle purchased by consumers are not just made by the well-structured candle manufacturing companies, people also make candles at home and sell. Homemade candle business is becoming very popular. Individuals make candles at home and sell them both online and offline. 

People love homemade products and will always buy homemade products. This business is very lucrative and if done properly affordable the producers with huge return on investment. If you are thinking of making candles at home and selling them, it is important to know if the business is legal, as it is improper to do illegal businesses.

Now, is it legal to sell homemade candles?

Yes, it is. But then, you still have to fulfill some legal requirements before you go on to make those homemade candles. Let’s go through the legal requirements for selling homemade candles.


If you wish to start a homemade candle manufacturing business in the United States, it is important to follow the standards set by the National Candle Association (NCA). Any candle maker that is not following these rules is definitely engaging in an illegal business. These standards have been set to curb the escalating rates of fire outbreaks caused by candles.

The standards for legalization of candle business set by the National Candle Association are as follows:

  • Testing standards for candle emissions

These standards are particularly set due to increasing rate in the damage caused by fire and other emissions produced by candles. If you wish to make and sell homemade candles, they must be tested. These tests are carried out to ensure that candles produced have low visible smoke emissions to avoid poisoning from carbon monoxide and other gases emitted by candles not properly made. Guidelines are provided by the standard to show the procedures for carrying out the tests to check for the candles performance. 

  • Glass container standards

Standards are set for the kinds of glass containers you may make your homemade container candles with. The containers, be it transparent or semi-transparent, must be a glass container made of soda-lime silicate. The containers must have a thermal shock level and annealing which conforms to the set standards.

Other containers asides glass may be used for making container candles. Irrespective of the material used, it must conform to set standards.

  • Labeling guidelines

Homemade candles, like those made in the industries should have warning labels on their packaging material or container. The labeling must have the official fire alert symbol on it alongside the word ‘WARNING’. This label must be very visible and it should contain information regarding safety and fire hazard.

  • Get a unique name.

Homemade candle business became illegal when you copy names of pre-existing companies. You may think of using the name of an already existing business to sell your homemade candles, perhaps because you feel like they are a fast-selling brand and using their name would afford you more customers. This should be avoided by all mean as it is an infringement on the copyright and intellectual property of the said company. You can be prosecuted for this aside losing your homemade candle business.

  • If you wish to sell online, you must meet the website legalities

Your homemade candle can be sold both online and offline. If you wish to sell your homemade candles online, there are legalities you must meet before you can proceed to sell your candles. If you wish to sell your candles through a website you must make sure the site has a page that clearly states out terms and conditions that covers state applicable laws. Also the terms and conditions should cover information such as: a statement to legally define your trademark,  disclaimer of liabilities and also whether or not your customers expect changes in price or not. 

Is it legal to sell homemade candles


  1. It is easy to learn: you do not need to be a master before you can navigate candle-making. The formula for making candles is very easy, so you can venture into candle-making business without disturbing your head with difficult technicalities.
  2. It is also easy to sell: your home made can be sold both online and offline, easily. You can sell them in your neighbourhood or local market. Also, you can put up photos of your homemade candles and add links to get customers directly. 
  3. Minimal capital is required: Small amount of money required to start a homemade candle business. The only thing you need to do is to make sure you do not scale up more than your money can handle. Generally, the equipment needed to make basic homemade candles are not expensive.
  4. You can make custom products:  you can make custom products for your customs. Homemade candle-making allows for flexibility.

Have you ever wondered what makes a luxury candle?


The first step to starting any business that is a craft is learning your onions. You cannot say you want to venture into a candle-making business, without actually knowing how to make a candle.

After you must have perfected the craft, the next thing to do is to table a feasible business plan which would include choosing a business name and also defining your products (as in the particular type(s) of candle you’d be making), where you’ll get your raw materials and how much each would cost. At this stage, you should also plan the amount your products will go for. Where your candles are to be sold is also to be determined. Do you want to sell your products online? Or rather you hope to sell them in the local market. Do decide on this before starting out.

Next, you must make the business legal by getting proper permits and licenses.

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