Finding the perfect present for an occasion might be quite a burdensome task. You may worry about the possibility of your present being loved and appreciated, about your gift being unique. Well, you should worry about that because, what is the point in giving a gift if it wouldn’t be accepted. I mean, the essence of giving gifts is sharing love, yeah? Amongst other things your gift must be useful, surprising, meaningful, unique, and valuable. 

Candles are universally accepted gifts to people of different culture, sexes, races etc. High-end scented candles with their inviting aroma are perfect gift items- other kinds of candle too. This is because they thick all boxes of what gifts are meant to have and represent, and even more. Below are reasons why you should consider getting a candle for that friend/ family this season, the next or any other time of the year.

1 Candles can be used any season of the year

Candles aren’t unique to just a particular season, they can be used all year long. So you don’t have to worry about your gift being out of season if you gift out a candle.

2 They are affordable

Very beautiful candles with the perfect scent throw for your family and friend that would last for quite a long time may go for as low as $20 or even less. The beautiful thing with candle gifts is while they can be very affordable they are not considered cheap. You can also get candles in bulk quantities at discounted prices.

3 Most people love candles

Who wouldn’t love a beautiful object that would produce the perfect aroma required to lighten their mood? You’d agree with me, scarcely anyone, right? Most people love candles. Even people who had sentiments in time past now love candles due to its significance in modern times. So candles may just be that perfect gift you are to get for that friend, family or well-wisher.

4 They create a beautiful ambience

Candles are perfect gift items because the beautiful atmosphere the people you gift them to can create with them. Starting from the way the flames flickers in its soft glow, to the container in which the candles come and to the color and scent of the candle itself candles creates beautiful atmosphere in the areas where they are lit.

5 They can be personalized

Candles can be personalized just for your giftee. The candles can be made with to desired taste and fragrance preference. Their photos can be added to the candle containers too and you could also express yourself by writing a personalized message for them. So, you can get a personalized candle for their birthdays, anniversaries, engagement parties and for other occasions too.

6 They can be used by both male and female

Candles can be gifted to both men and women. They are not gender selective, although some scented candles are best suited for men while others are suited for women. You can get candle gifts for both men and women but make sure you get the one with the perfect scent that suits person you are buying it for.

7 They can be used as gifts for every occasion 

Some gifts are not appropriate for certain occasions. But, there is scarcely an occasion in which candles cannot be used. They can be gifted as wedding gifts, birthday gifts, engagement gifts, anniversary gift and even holiday gifts.

8 They last

Candles give you great value for your money. Some candles have burning time of over 100 hours. Meaning, your giftee would still have you (relating to your gift) in mind for over 100 hours they would be burning the candles. That a long time to create a year-long impression, don’t you think?

9 They are versatile

Candles are versatile objects that can be used for various occasions. They can be used when taking a bubble bath, when meditating especially in sporting activities like tau chi and yoga. They can also be used to light up a mood in a romantic dinner as well as to create lightning effect in various settings. Candles are also used for interior decoration. Candles should be selected for color and aroma to pick the best fit for a particular use. 

10 They can be used for therapy 

Candles are perfect items for gifts due to their aroma therapeutic properties. They are responsible for different great moods like calmness, pleasure, warmth, sweetness etc. when burned. They also have good healing effects as well as concentration effects especially when used for meditation. So, if you are concerned with your friend/family having good mood, do gift them with a scented candle with a perfect scent just for them.

Things to check out before purchasing a kind of candle as gift

Before purchasing a candle as a gift item do check out for the following:

  1. The scent of the candle

When considering the kind of candle your giftee would love, make sure you get the candles with the scent they would love. Also, it is also important to get candles with great scent throw as some candles may not have a lasting scent.

  1. The candle container

Candles come in containers of different shapes, colors and sizes. Choosing the container with the color, shape and size that matches the style of your giftee is an important thing to consider while candle shopping.

  1. The burning time 

Jar candles and tumbler candles are best suited for gifting as they have long burning time. They may burn for up to 120 hours.

  1. Ingredients the candle was made from

Candles made from the best combination of ingredients should be selected. Candles from soy wax should be selected instead of paraffin wax candles. Cotton wick candles instead of metal coated wick candles. Also, candles from natural essential oils should be used instead of those from artificial oils.


While candles can be perfect gifts they are best given alongside other gift items like flowers, chocolates, body sprays, spa items etc., depending on the occasion and season. 

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