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Don’t waste your candle jar if your candle burns down. These easy methods for removing wax from candle jars shall help you. To reuse candle jars as décor or even to make a new one. If you quickly burn through your favorite candles, throwing away Glass jars might feel waste full. There are many options for used candle jars. You can use them to Make new candles or utilize them

As storage containers or as décor. Burning a candle when ½-inch of wax remains at the bottom of the jar can damage the container or even the surface.

Here you will learn how to get wax out of a candle jar with a few household items and these useful methods. After cleaning your jars, you might need any waxy residue or soot left on the glass. To do this, use warm water, soap, and a dish towel or adhesive remover might help also. Be useful if the candle jar mouth is too narrow for your hand to fit in.

  • Using Hot water to remove Candle Wax

If you want to clean the wide-mouth candle jars, this method works best.

Place your candle on a protective surface like a potholder or a dishtowel.

You need to boil enough water to fill the candle jar, then pour it into the container, Leaving approx—an inch of space at the top.

The water will melt the candle wax, and it will float to the surface of the container.

Let it cool completely before when you are going to remove its wax.

Strain the water completely and the remaining candle bits and try to avoid getting wax In the sink drain.

Another strategy is to let the jar soak for getting leftover wax out of a candle jar.

Using a drain stopper, fill your sink with warm water.

If it has a lid, remove it and let the open jar sit in the sink for

about 30 minutes. Warm water will release its wax at the bottom of the container.

Warm water would release the wax at the bottom of the jar and make it easy to pull out the wax. This method might remove the label on the jar also.

Before releasing the drain stopper, make sure that all the wax remnants

are out of the sink as the wax will clog a drain.

*Rubbing alcohol could also be used full, but it is flammable, so be careful while using this method.

Mix part alcohol part hot water to use it. White vinegar is an alternative in the absence of alcohol.

If there is a very small amount of wax remaining in a candle jar or container that we are cleaning up, skip the heating in a double boiler step.

Pour a mixture of hot water and rubbing alcohol into the jar cover and shake until the wax has removed itself from the side and bottom of the jar.

The liquid will contain wax and would be disposed of appropriately.

A metal tab can be removed after or before cleaning. A push with a soft wooden object usually does this trick very well.

Wipe the jar with a rag dipped in a mixture of rubbing alcohol and hot water, and it will make you surprised how clean the jars come up. Using paper plates, you can easily catch wax without spoiling another jar or container. Also, if you pour wax down, the drain can clog.

  • Freezing Method

Freezing is another foolproof candle jar cleaning method.

Freezing shrinks the wax. Start by placing a used candle jar in the freezer overnight.

Take this jar out of the freezer In the morning and flip it upside down-the lump of wax should pop right out. If it doesn’t, you can use a butter knife or spoon to press down on one corner Of the Wax to lift or remove. 

A bottle brush might also be useful if the candle jar mouth is narrow for your hand to fit through.

  • Double Boiler method

First, remove all the wax by using a spoon or butter knife as much as you can. Keep the candle Inside a large bowl or pot on a safe heat surface. Pour boiling water around the candle in the pot.

Don’t let the water get into the jar; let the jar sit in hot water until the wax gets softened. After Removing the container from the water, pop out the wax and wash with soap and water.

  • Using your oven to get the Candle jar Clean 

This method allows you to clean multiple candle jars at once if needed.

Start by preheating oven, you have, to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a baking sheet with

Aluminum foil and place your used candles upside-down on the foil.

Place the baking sheet into the oven. Keep a close eye on the candle jars.

Approximately after 15 minutes, the wax shall pool on the foil. After that point, take the baking sheet out of the oven. Place on a heat-safe surface and remove the jars by using an oven mitt. Let the candle jars cool before you clean them with soap and warm water.

When the wax dried on the baking sheet, You can remove it to use it in the future or to discard it.

  • Use your hairdryer

Hairdryers are mostly used to remove candle wax from carpets or to soften the wax in a used Candle jar to remove it easily. First, hold your candle with an oven mitt. Turn on the  

A hairdryer on warm and use to heat the candle’s wax from all sides and from the bottom.

Once the wax is soft, lift or scrape it out of the container with a knife.

Different types of candle jars

There are many different types of candle jars available in the market, such as ceramic jars

and bowls, Metal tins, and glass jars (as mentioned above).

Now we will discuss the rest individually.

Metal Tins

  • Avoid scraping brass surfaces or metal. It can leave scratches and damage the surface
  • Alcohol can cause discoloring the metal
  • Water can cause rusting while leaving in metal candle jars for a long time


  • Scrapping with a solid plastic card or ruler having a flat edge tends to work well
  • The hot water cleans candle wax off or out of a ceramic jar.

Now let us discuss some General points and precautions for cleaning candle jars.

  •  When candles burn out completely in the process of cleaning, remove the metal tab

with a blunt wooden object that should not crack the jar or cause injury to you.

  • Helping save the environment, it is better to use any leftover wax, rather than throw it away
  •  Be careful of adding scents that do not smell great together while making a larger candle with saved wax.
  • Be conscious and mindful that candle jars can crack during cleaning, heating, or wiping, so try to

 Handle with care. Take precaution and show sensibility to avoid such situations.

  • Reusing the candle jars

Once all the wax and residue have been cleaned out of the candle jar, it is safe to dry the jar with a towel or clean piece of cloth. When all the jars are washed and dried, you can make an entirely new candle just by using cleaned jars and remaining wax. Take Wax pieces with the same scents and color and combined them in a microwave until wax is melted. Place a fresh wick in the jar you selected and pour the melted wax in the jar while holding the tip of the wick. Let cool it to room temperature and then place in the refrigerator for about 10 to 15 minutes.

You can also use jars as storage for office goods, craft accessories, or bath items like half ties or cotton swabs, or hair ties. You can use large glass candle jars as planters or flower vases.

Here are some attractive and beautiful ideas to recycle candle jars :-

  • Turning into plant plots

Old candle containers are the perfect size to become your latest additions in your garden. Because of the brown color of the soil, most people choose colored glass candle jars or amber for planting. However, transparent jars are also a great choice when growing in water.

  • Use in a vanity area.

Nothing is better than keeping your beauty space organized with your favorite candle jars. Larger candle jars make perfect holders for make-up pencils, eyeliners, and brushes. On the other hand, the small candle jars make great holders keep baby pins and wool pads.

  • Pencil and stationery pots

It is unusual to find us at our desk without calming candlelit, so it’s a good way to recycle your candle jar to make pretty pots for our stationery after all the wax has been used up.

  • Candle Matches

By using a candle jar, you can have beautiful matches too. Treat yourself to scented matches and keep them neatly in a scented and beautiful candle jar.

  • Vase for flowers

Flower and candles can make someone’s mood happy. Use them as vases for fresh blooms is the ideal way to use them.

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