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The Candles are the solid structure. There is a wick present inside it. Candles are mainly used to provide heat and light to its surrounding. They are the most ancient source used in celebrations. The use of candles was different in ancient they. They were used to measure time. They are manufactured by wax which is taken from beehive. In India the tree cinnamon is usually boiled to get wax. This wax is used in temples in the form of candles. Not only beautiful and different designs and fragrances candles are available in the market but there is also a wide and decorative range of candle holders available in the market. Their function is to hold candles and increase their beauty and look. 

People who are involved in the process of candle making are known as chandler. Candle industry is now expanding day by day and coming up with more decorative and innovative designs. They are available in different sizes, shapes, colour and fragrances. The scented candles came up with 19 century and they are usually made from soy wax which burns softer and slower than other waxes. Now candles are manufactured by oil and various kinds of waxes. Candles are now considered as the way of bringing light and fragrance to your house and room. You can also make your own candle at your home with different designs. I is basically a fun craft.

If you want to make candle at your home. You need different thing like wax, wick, a jar and fragrance or colour which you want to add. The more decorative items you will add will enhance the beauty of your candle. If you learnt to make candles at your home you can use them for different purpose like you can give them as a gift to your friends and family or use them for different decorative purposes. But question is that how long you will take to make candle at your home. It is not much time consuming task. It is very simple and less time taking. 

Benefits of Homemade Candles

Candles are used to add warm and light to the particular place. If you want to make your home cozier and lighter with little price you can make candles at your home very easily with the help of little items. The big benefit is that you can add ting according to your need like if you don’t want to add fragrance you can omit it. If you want colourless candle don’t add colour in it so all the items will be in your hand. If you want to make the surrounding of your home and air clean use soy wax.  

Instructions before making Homemade candle

  • Clean the area where you are making your candle. 
  • Cover that area with a newspaper and brown paper. 
  • Keep in mind that you are using appropriate wax and wick.
  • Choose appropriate colour and fragrance to create innovation. 
  • Make the jar which you are using should be clean and free of dust and other particles. 
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Items to need 


  • Pot                                              
  • Stove
  • Plate 
  • Thermometer 


  • One package of wax 
  • Large candle wick
  • Fragrance oil
  • Spatula
  • Heat-proof container 
  • Colour 
  • Chopsticks or popsicle sticks

Steps of making Homemade Candle 

Part 1

Step 1 Prepare the wax

The first step is to decide which kind of wax you are going to use in making your candle because there are different kinds of wax available in market with different benefits. 

  1. Paraffin Wax 

It is the old kind of wax which is used to make candles. Its popularity is still the same. It is a cheap kind of wax and melts quickly. You can easily add colour and scent in it is noted that the chemicals extracted from it while melting are dangerous for health. 

  1. Soy wax

It is becoming popular these days and extracted from soybeans. It is easy to use and you can also clean it easily. It is also friendly to the environment and will not give damage to your health. It burns more slowly than other waxes. 

  1. Bees Wax

It is natural and consist of air purifying qualities but it does not absorb colour and scent well. It has its own lovely smell. 

  1. Old candles 

You can also use old candles to make a new and innovative candle. It is the best way to recycle wax and create own kind of candle. You can melt them as you melt other waxes. 

These are all kinds of axes which you can use to make your own candle. 

 Step 2 Cover your area 

  The second step is to cover the area where you will going to start your work with a paper, newspaper, towel, and rags. Prepare some soapy water with you so you can clean easily if wax spills on the surface. 

Step 3 Make chunks of your wax 

After cleaning and covering the area cut the wax into chunks because smaller chunks can melt better than the larger chunks. It also helps you to know that you wax melts at same rate. 


Step 4 Fill the pot with water 

Fill the pot with water. Keep this thing in mind that it should be filled medium or half. Don’t fill it completely otherwise water will add into wax while boiling. Make sure that the place in the pot is more than your container size, so you can easily put the container in it. 

Part 2 

Step 1 Melt your wax

Out the wax chunks in a heat proof container and place it in the hot boiling water which you placed on the pot. Keep this thing in mind that don’t put wax directly on the fire because it will catch the fire and evaporate. Turn flame to high so water boils and give heat to wax. The heat of water helps wax to melt. 


Step 2 Put Thermometer in wax container 

You can also buy a candle thermometer from the store. If candy thermometer is not available you can use meat thermometer as well. Keep this thing in mind that wax is harder to remove. 

  • The melting point of paraffin wax is between 122and 140F.
  • The melting point of Soy wax is between 170 to 180 degree.
  • Melting point of Bees wax is 145 degrees 

Step 2 Add fragrance 

Add your desired fragrance to the melted wax. You can also add essential oil with the pleasant smell. Put the quantity according to desired level of smell and mix it well. 


Step 3 Add Colour 

After adding desired smell you can add your favourite colour in it. You can’t add food colour. Add oil-based dyes to add colour. Read proper instructions that how much quantity is enough to add. After adding mix it well. 

Part 3 

Step 1 Mold the melted Wax 

Put the wick at the center of the jar with the help of chop sticks. You can use any kind of jar according to your need and desire. Place the jars on the flat surface put the wick in center and add melted wax filled with colour and fragrance. While adding make sure that wick will be straight and present in center. 

Step 2 Put wax in mold 

Pour the melted wax into the jar slowly so that it can’t spill over. Make sure that wick should be straight inside the jar and will not come out accidently. 

Step 3 Cool the Wax 

Cool the wax for 24 hours so that it will fix in the jar properly. If you will give more time for cooling it will better fix at its place. Different waxes take different time duration for cooling.

  • Paraffin wax takes 24 hours to cool down.
  • Soy wax takes 4 to 5 hours.
  • Bees wax takes 6 hours but if you keep it overnight it will better fix at its position.

Step 4 light the candle 

  Let the wax be cool. Give it proper time different wax take different time duration. Trim the wick and make it equal to the jar. Now light up your candle. Place it at the favourite place of your room. 

Other Creative Candles 

There are a lot of variations in candles. You can make them more creative. 

  • Floral Candles

You can add flowers petals to the side of container to add flowers in it. You can do this before you can add wax in the container. If you want to make it more colourful add leaves with petals. You can also mix fragrance oil which matches to the flower petals. 

  • Crayons Candles 

You can also add chopped crayons to make your candle more colourful. You require 12 to 15 crayons for each candle. Add chopped crayons in the melted wax. 

This is the way you can make candles at your home. It is not as much time consuming. There are several ways to make your candle beautiful and attractive so get creative and try it now.

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