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Candles were used in the olden days for the purpose of illumination at night times in houses and other establishments. But we have come a long-distance. We have effectively replaced candles with electricity-powered appliances for the purpose of illumination. So what purpose does the candle have? Now we use candles that are scented and set a very romantic mood for someone special and make a good gift. The candle industry has a high margin for profit. They are popular all year round, and the best part is you can start candle-making with a little dent in your savings, and you can start at home. But what might be challenging is the marketing aspect of the business. 


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Candles making is a cotton industry, and the fact that it requires minimal training and equipment is what makes it a good and economically profitable hobby. The candle-making for beginners is at least about the hit and trial process. You concoct new scents, and then you see if it works with the customers. 

The two most important things that customers look for in a candle are the shape and the scent. As for the people who buy these candles, both men and women are into candles for various purposes, from scenting their houses to housewarmings and using them as gifts. 

Candle market trends

Now we will take a look at candle-market trends. This industry is heavily influenced by the changing trends. The giants in this industry iterate that one has to keep up with the changing trend in the industry. Most of the time, customers are satisfied with changes in the jar shape and texture, and fragrance. 

But sometimes customers are in for the experience, meaning what kind of wick candle has, does it crackle on burning, what kind of light that candle gives off or if the candle scent suits their home. By keeping in check with these changing trends, your candle business can flourish. 

A step by step guide to making your candle business stand out

Now we will check out some steps to guide you so you can start your candle business. It is easier than you think. 

Know your target audience’s demographics and interest

The first step is to know your audience. And you can start with the demographics of your customers. Which age group buys the candle? Which gender is more into the type of candles you are making? And according to the need or the people that make the greater part of your demographic, you can design your candles. Simple surveys might help you with, or the previous study done can be helpful. Online polls can also be beneficial for you to ascertain what kind of candles people like. 

The other thing is to be familiar with the price range of your customers. It is crucial so you can use your resources accordingly. You should know if your customers are into luxury stuff or are they into simple scented candles. Does the jar shape affect their buying pattern? All these factors contribute to sales, and knowledge of these things helps a lot in the candle business. 


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The last part is that you have to know how the people you studied respond to different marketing strategies. You should know what gets their attention. Is it the shape of the product, the fragrance, the discounts they like, or anything else? 

And if your next question is as to why we need all this information, I will tell you that there are, in fact, many types of candles, and knowledge of your demographic and their spending capacity will help you pick one kind. You can either make luxury, strong scented, affordable or eco-friendly. 

Name  your company

The next step on your way to your candle business is to name your company. It can be a tricky job, and unfortunately, there are no guidelines as to how one can name their company. Most candle companies have “candles” in their names, for example, Yankee candles.


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Define your product

The next step is to define your product. This should include all the information like the texture, the scent, the color of your candle. And, as a beginner, a small piece of advice is not to launch too many fragrances. We recommend you begin with 10. 

And also, note that the season in which you are launching plays an important part. For example, if you are launching in the fall, you should go with apple or cinnamon. If launching in winter, pine and peppermint should be your choice, or if in summer, nice summer scents like cotton or floral are your choices. 

As for the label and packaging of your candles, you can either partner up with some local designer and save some money. You can use the template easily found online and make your own. 

Find a supplier

Now the next step is to find a supplier. And make sure when sourcing the material you know what they offer. And now the next step. It’s best to know what kind of material you will use in your candles, so some research and trials should be done. 

Set a price

The next phase is to price. Pricing is only done after you have a good understanding of your demographic. If your demographic looks for luxury candles, you might want to charge them 40 dollars per piece. If they are looking for eco-friendly candles, you can charge them 20 to 25 bucks, and if they are looking for the cheap scented 15 dollars, it is. 

Talk about your candles

The next move is going to be your favorite one. Now you get to talk about your candles and why you got into this business. And what do you think when you design new scents. Tell the audience all about the characteristics of your candles and never forget to add the point as to why your candles are different from the rest and why people should buy yours and not from the other companies. 


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Sale by the season

Now comes the stage where you should be aware of the sales of your candles. When it comes to candles, the season governs the scented candle you will manufacture for your demographic. You should be aware of the different scents and how they align with the seasons. There are times in the year in every season when the sales skyrocket, and you should be aware of this fact to make the best of your business. 

Here is a list of some fragrances according to the seasons 

  1. Fall: Apple, pumpkin, sage spices amber 
  1. Spring: lilies, lilac lavender honeysuckle
  1. Summer: wine citrus salt sea salts peach 
  1. Winter: cinnamon pine cookie nutmeg 

And you should also know there are times in the year when the sales are slow. It is wise to offer a discount, use obscure holidays as an excuse to sell, promote the idea of gift cards and send small gifts to customers with birthdays.

Maintain an online presence

The next step is to confirm and maintain an online presence. All you need is a website dedicated to your candle business. Keep the audience aware of the latest products and latest development in the manufacturing of these candles. Keep up with new themes to keep the audience engaged. And lastly, keep a calendar to post ideas so that they are engaged. 

Sign up at economic sites

You can sell your candles by partnering up with economic sites like Amazon etc. They can really widen your demographic and can boost sales. You can also use the other retailer’s website to sell your own product, but that has a little profit margin. 

Another important part is to determine where you are going to sell your products. It depends on the kind of candles you are making. For example, the people looking for luxury candles will buy in high-end retailer shops. And those looking for the cheap one will prefer online shopping.

Market yourself like crazy

Now the next step is to sell online. That is a big job bit; if well done can be very effective in expanding the business. As your business grows, setting up an online shop is the way to go. Use social platforms to reach your audience in the loop by adding the shop section or using Shopify to create an online store for yourself. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge about it.


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As for the marketing, you can use the online method that is fairly cost-effective and can use flyers. If your business is experiencing a boom, you can also use local radio and TV stations for advertising. 

These are the basic things that will help if you want to get into the business of candle manufacturing. This is a good business to get in, and it certainly has room for profit and growth. Who knows, some of you just come with a candle so good it gets you into one of those fortune 500 companies. Dream on people and get going.

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