Are you looking for a way to spice up the scent game in your living space? Then, you should use candles. Candles have been used in the field of aromatherapy for several centuries, and they are great mediums of spreading fragrances and scents (this is because scented candles contain perfumes and essential oils, which have been added in their melted, liquid form. Upon production, these candles tend to emit the fragrances in the form of volatile gases when they are lit). You can use them make your living area smell better or to get rid of unpleasant smells.


There are different kinds of candles in the world. Candles are numerous in today’s world (with their widespread use in the field of aromatherapy). However, this wasn’t always the case. At the very beginning, different make-shift items were used in the production of candles. For instance, in certain parts of the world, the very first forays into the world of candle making involved the use of insects rolled up in some version of paper such as papyrus (when these rolled make-shift candles are lit, the oil from the insects serve as a fuel for the candle’s flame. While the papyrus wrapped around it provides the structure to the entire thing, holding it up as it burns). Other parts of the candle used natural fibers as makeshift wicks, while in places such as Ancient Egypt, rush lights marked the very first steps into candle making (rush lights are torches, whose ends have been coated in rendered fat. This rendered fat serves as fuel, which makes the ends of these rush lights very flammable. It also makes their flames last. This is an especially useful attribute, when the torches are being carried from place to place).

Over time, some of the different kinds of candles that exist around the world include the following:

  • Taper candle

Taper candles are very common types of candles that are easily set apart from other types of candles by its unique shape. A taper candle is cylindrical, narrow and long in shape. This uniquely distinct shape of theirs gives them a very classic look that is very stylish (particularly to those who are fans of classic look). Part of their sophistication lies in the fact that they are a very old shape of candle, which can be found in a myriad of colors – designed to suit every person’s preference and taste.

  • Aroma lamp

Aroma lamps are very unique candles that are specially used for dispersing fragrance and aroma. Aroma lamps are not always candles (usually, they are just lamps). However, some of them work the same way that candles do. Basically, they work more efficiently than scented candles, when it comes to diffusing perfumes, aromas and fragrances through the air. Another name for them is essential oil warmers or fragrance oil warmers.

  • Flameless candle

Flameless candles are another type of candles that are very unique in their own way; as a matter of fact, one can describe these types of candles as a technological improvement on the mechanism of typical, conventional candles. This is because flameless candles are electronic in nature. They are made in different sizes, shapes and colors that cater to a wide range of interests and tastes that suit an array of preferences.

This type of candles usually produces a flame-like effect from specially designed light bulbs, which sometimes work with the aid of remote controls. Some of them have inbuilt batteries, and the simple reason why their design is so highly praised is that they do not make use of open flames. This reduces the risk of fire outbreak which is typically significant with the use of traditional, more conventional candles; which make use of open flames.

  • Altar candle

Altar candles are the types of candles, which are typically used on altars (or around altars), in the course of religious or ceremonial functions (or in the course of related rites).

  • Votive candle

Votive candles are a special kind of candles that are usually small in size. They are usually yellow (if they are made with natural beeswax) or white in color, and are usually used in votive offerings in some religious rites (particularly in Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican denominations of Christianity). Such prayers and rites may also exist in other religions apart from Christianity e.g. Hinduism).

  • Liquid candles

Liquid candles are very unique types of candles, which are usually made up of liquid wax cells that are filled with lamp oil. They also typically contain metal wicks and metal wick holders. Some versions of them are refillable.

Another name for liquid candles is lucid candles.

  • Tea light candle

Tea light candles are very popular types of candles that are usually very small in size. They are typically placed in thin plastic or metal containers that enable the candle to melt entirely while it is burning. They are not very expensive, compared to some other types of candles, and they are usually called “tea light candles” or “tea-light candles” because in the past, they were usually used to warm teapots (till this day, some people continue to utilize them for this purpose).



After people step into the world of candles, and begin to familiarize themselves with the different types of candles in the world, different things begin to intrigue them about different types of candles. One of the things that many people find particularly interesting about tea light candles is the general assumption that they can float in water. Therefore, one of the most popular questions people ask candle experts is, “Can tea light candles float in water?”

The simple answer to this question is, “Yes. Tea light candles can indeed float in water.”

However, when floating your tea light candles in water, it is important to ensure that water doesn’t spill or seep (or simply enter) the candle container, and put out the candle’s flame.

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