Picking the perfect candle gift sets for your loved ones or family can be a little daunting especially if you’re not too familiar with the fragrances. Thankfully, a considerable lot of our favorite candlemakers have made life quite simple by making wonderful gift sets including their bestselling scents. Whether you are buying Christmas presents including festive fragrances, wedding presents for loved-up newlyweds or housewarming gifts to assist with transforming the household.

Thoughtfully packaged, each scented candle set comes in wonderful gift box making them immediately presentable and much more easier to wrap. Perfect to give as birthday gift at any time of the year, these somewhat pleasant candle gift set will put a colossal grin onto the face of someone that fancies candle.


We all have that one friend or family member who fancies candle a lot and probably close to being obsessed with candles. Burning a gorgeous candle in your home is a real luxury. Whether you’re reading this looking for candle inspiration for yourself or shopping for a thoughtful gift for your loved ones, buying a candle gift set is a brilliant idea and you can’t go wrong with any of our suggestions. The soothing sparkle and lovely fragrance of a candle makes it an amazing gift for nearly anyone: workmates, new homeowners, family or friendly acquaintances. Since everyone has different scent preferences, and the single candle doesn’t always provide the “wow” factor, a candle gift set can nail it anytime!

There are a few things to consider when you’re picking your perfect candle set. Some people might prefer soy wax options that burn longer and give off more fragrance than the traditional beeswax choices. However, some people prefer natural candles and enjoy beeswax base that burns longer and drips less than paraffin, all while emitting a more ambient light. While candles are brilliant gift ideas, we’ve put together the best candle gift sets for any gifting occasions. From birthdays to anniversaries and “just because “ moments, check out the candle gift sets that works for everyone below;


Jo Malone London Scented Candles

You can’t have a candle roundup and not include Jo Malone London candles. It is synonymous with thoughtful gifting . A Trio of Travel Candles in popular Jo Malone London Home fragrances, to enhance the atmosphere wherever you are. It could be wrapped in a gift box to surprise someone special, family or friendly acquaintances and you could even keep it for yourself! The gift collection contains:

Lime Basil and Mandarin Travel Candle

English Pear and Freesia Travel Candle

Peony and Blush Suede Travel Candle

Diptyque Scented Candles

Diptyque and cold cosy nights go together like apple pie and cream, a very nice combo everyone should try- it’s a match made in heaven! This delightful Tubereose Rouge scented candle is magnificent.

Nest NewYork Petite Candle Duo

Nest, a luxurious candle brand, is known for its long-lasting, celebrated scents. Each candle can burn for 30 to 40 hours. This duo including a wild mint and eucalyptus candle along with a driftwood and chamomile candle will provide an extra layer of relaxation to their space.

Apotheke 6-Piece Eden Discovery Votive Set

Bring colour to any room with this vibrant 6-piece set from Apptheke. The scents are inspired by springtime, which can bring a much-needed reprieve during the long dreary winter.

Malin + Goetz Leather Candle

If you are someone whose favorite part of a well-worn vintage find is its ripened smell then this leather scene from Malin + Goetz is for you. This modern scent embodies nostalgia with top notes of lotus flower, eucalyptus and clove, balanced by leather, cedarwood, sandalwood, suede amber and cashmere musk.

Literie The Real Housewives Candles

The most iconic moments from the Real Housewives franchise are commemorated in this new candle collection from Literie, which features a diverse lineup of four scented candles: Flipping Tables (Cesar and Suede), September, Spring, Summer (grass and juniper), Go to sleep! (Fresh lavender) and Nine Lemons in a Bowl (citrus and ivy).


Boy Smells Cameo

No one delivers as complex a fragrance as the Los Angeles-based candle company Boy Smells, whose sleek rose-hued packaging makes a welcome addition to any nightstand or table scape. It’s so good Kacey Musgraves even partnered with the brand to create their bestselling Slow Burn Candle.

The floral and spicy cameo is another star scent, packed with bergamot, lemon peel and crystallized ginger alongside white woods, vanilla and amber.

Homesick x Harry Potter

Transform your home into Hogwarts with this enchanting collection of candles from Homesick, officially out October, 12. The bespoke candles , created in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer products, feature dual-sided labels with fun Easter eggs for Harry Potter fans to catch while they light up their wickers.


Giving candles as gifts means respecting a person’s unique taste while offering a classic and multipurpose gift that can be used for self-care, home decor, or a home fragrance . Candles serve many valuable uses, and the right candle gift set can be a thoughtful and timeless gift for anyone.

Here are some reasons why a candle gift set makes a perfect gift:

The right candle can fit into any home style

Is their home decor style boho chic? Or designed like a minimal monastery? Or you don’t even have a clue, with the right candle gift, you can give a design-neutral candle so that those sometimes private or unknown details of someone’s home decor won’t impact your gifting decision.

Lighting a scented candle can help lighten everyone’s mood

scent impacts how we experience our space. It can trigger our brain receptors to respond calmly, or even with excitement. Lighting a scented candle may be the magic you need to get your (or your gift recipient) mojo back.

Candles can help alleviate stress

Candles are self-care staple and often accommodate and set the mood for other relaxing activities like a bubble bath or a spa day. To be able to gift this experience to someone, it could mean more than you know for that person and what they may be dealing with.

Further, candles can be the prequel to help someone sleep better and manage the not-so-good days that life can throw at us.

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