Are you tired of the scents in your house? Have you been looking for a way to step up the fragrance game in your space? Then, you may need to invest in scented candles.

Scented candles spice up the atmosphere of wherever they are lit, by emitting pleasant fragrances which have been trapped inside them; by means of the addition of aromatic essential oils. Their popularity in recent times has led to more people purchasing them, and using them in the homes.


Scented candles evolved from candles that were made thousands of years ago. When the Ancient Indians made their candles by boiling parts of cinnamon trees, and the Ancient Japanese created their candle wax from parts of tree nuts, it resulted in the candles that emitted pleasant natural scents when burning. This is because some of the essential oils from those natural plant sources somehow managed to find their way into those waxes, leading to the production of the very first generations of scented candles.

Nowadays, scented candles are made by intentionally adding essential oils – and other natural forms of aromatic extracts – to melted candle wax, during the candle making process. The candles formed usually give off some form of scent even in their unlit form (i.e. cold throw). And the type of essential oils or perfumes used determines the kind of fragrance given off by the scented candles during burning.

The recent re-emergence of candles (scented candles, particularly) is as a result of a few pointed reasons; all of which can be chugged up to the abiding nature of candles. Candles have existed for a long time, and though, they faced a significant drop in popularity, following the invention of the electric light bulb, they simply refused to fade into extinction. Instead, they evolved again and their roles changed.



One thing that amazes people about candles, in this day and age, is that they are not essential items anymore; so why are they so popular now? Why are scented candles being used? Well, the answers to those questions include some of the following:

  • Scented candles upgrade a home’s scent profile

Scented candles can upgrade the scent profile of a home. This is because they emit pleasant aromas when they burn, and these fragrances go a long way in eliminating dusty and stale scents that tend to float through old houses. It can also be a way to purify the atmosphere of a living space, when you’re trying to get rid of more specific scents, such as the scent of fur from household pets (although, in this case it would be much more advisable to use animal-friendly candles).

  • Scented candles are elegant

Scented candles do far more than improving the scent profile of a home. They can also serve as a symbol of elegance and class. Using the right kind of scented candles can make people perceive you as a person of high taste, elegance and class. This is because the mere act of burning good scented candles shows that you go the extra mile when pampering and taking care of yourself. This may make someone more attractive to others.

Also, many scented candles today come in shapes that are aesthetically pleasing, and this makes them good decorative pieces for homes. Scented candles make great table pieces and ornaments, especially in this modern age. Some of the containers and candle holders/ candelabra used along with scented candles are also great contributors to aesthetically pleasing home décor.

  • Scented candles are therapeutic

Due to the fact that most scented candles are made from natural essential oils and other aromatic substances derived from natural plant sources, they are widely used in the area of aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is a field of treatment and therapy that relies on the use of natural essential oils and other natural aromatic substances, in order to cure and treat physical and psychological ailments such as injuries, depression, nausea etc.

Scented candles are major tools of aromatherapy because they emit fragrance from natural essential oils, which can then be inhaled (this inhalation is the one of the core principles of aromatherapy, even though natural essential oils can also be used topically and through other means – along with inhalation).



Scent is one of the main reasons – if not one of the only reasons – why scented candles are purchased in large quantities, all over the world. So, it can be particularly disappointing when scented candles do not smell.

The ability of a scented candle to emit and radiate its scent all over a room is called a throw. Cold throw refers to the scent profile of a candle before it is lit, while hot throw is the capability of a candle to emit its fragrance when it has already been lit.

There are several reasons why a scented candle may not smell, and they include the following:

  • The temperature of the wax when the fragrance was added

Essential oils are typically added when the candle wax is still in its melted form. However, if the temperature of the wax is too high, the volatile components of the essential oils may evaporate very quickly; before the candle even sets. Therefore, the fragrance should always be added in to the candle wax at a suitable temperature.

  • The quality of the fragrance used

When fragrance of high quality is used, the scented candle tends to have very good throws (both cold throw and hot throw). The scents also tend to last in the air for much longer, compared to when fragrance or essential oils of low quality is used.

Apart from using good essential oils and perfumes, one must also make sure that their fragrance is in good condition, before use (i.e. the oils must have been stored in good conditions prior to use).

  • The amount of fragrance used

If you use fragrance of high quality and you’ve added them into your candle at the right temperature, but your scented candle still does not smell (or maybe it just doesn’t smell as strong as you’d prefer), you may have to consider increasing the quantity used.

When it comes to fragrance, all things being equal, using little quantity of fragrance usually means you’ll get a candle with weak scents and vice versa.

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