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As a consumer it is absolutely important to do in depth research to find out how to ensure that you get the best product for your buck. In purchasing a candle many factors will impact the price point of that candle, so whether it is cheap or expensive. 

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There is a lot that goes into the manufacturing and putting a candle up for sale like the ingredients, size and packaging that will impact the cost it will attract. 

The more organic and luxurious the properties of a candle are the more likely it is for it to be on the more expensive side. The better you understand the scent of candle making the better you will be able to understand why you pay the amount you do for them.

What is the average price for a candle? 

The price for a candle will vary depending on the manufacturer and the retailer. Based on some studies done in the United States it was deduced that the average cost for scented candles can range from USD $1 to $35.

Here is a list of ten of some of the most popular candle companies that can be categorized as average priced, and the prices or price range quoted in US dollars of some of their candles. 

It is good to note that some of these companies also carry candles that can be categorized as expensive or luxury.

  1. Bath and Body Works retails at $24.50
  2. MyLumina Creations retails at $16.99
  3. Nah Soy Candle retails at $25.00
  4. 228 Grant Street retails at $21.00 
  5. Brooklyn Candle Studio retails at $24.00 
  6. Voluspa retails at $10.00 
  7. P.F. Candle Co. retails at $28.00 
  8. Lulu Candles retails at $14.95 
  9. World Market retails at $14.99 
  10. Yankee Candle retails at $27.99 

What is the cost of ‘expensive’ candles? 

When looking at scented candles that would be considered more expensive and luxury these prices can go as high as USD $600. 

Many luxury candle companies, or candles companies who manufacture luxury candles, price their candles at high rates because they use luxury or more expensive ingredients in the making of these candles.  

In order to make good profit they have to price them above average. Here is a list of ten luxury candle companies and the price, in US dollars, that their candles typically retail for. 

  1. Fornasetti retails at $214.00 
  2. Rathbornes retails at $68.00 
  3. Byredo retails at $85.00 
  4. Tom Ford Candles retails at $132.00
  5. L’Objet retails at $95.00 
  6. Laguna retails at $149.00
  7. Sisley Paris retails at $70.00
  8. Le Labo retails at $75.00 
  9. Cire Trudon retails at $105.00
  10. Gilded retails at $68.00 

What is the difference between cheap and expensive candles?

You may be wondering what is the difference between a cheap and an expensive candle. What makes an expensive candle worth, if it even is worth it to begin with. 

The difference has everything to do with how each candle is made, packaged and marketed. The more money or resources that a company puts into each of these aspects will impact how much the end product costs. 

Does the company use glass containers or plastic, soy wax or beeswax, decor or no decor. As we aim to get a better understanding of how companies price their candles we will take a look at some key things that should be considered when pricing. 

  • Ingredients

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The ingredients that the manufacturer uses will definitely impact the pricing point of their candles. The basic ingredients for candle making are wax, essential oil or fragrances and wicks. Some manufacturers will also add dyes and decorative flowers and other materials. 

 Paraffin is currently the most commonly used wax in candle making. It is very inexpensive. This is because it has the properties needed to hold a high volume of fragrances and colours. 

However, paraffin wax is not a very eco-friendly wax as it is a by-product of the oil industry. Soy wax is a mid-range candle and priced a little more expensive than paraffin. It is also more eco-friendly than the paraffin wax and has a longer burning capability. 

There are also varying types of wicks. There are cord, paper or wooden wicks. Each type of candle wick will bring a different aesthetic to the candle. 

For example, a wooden wick, when being burned, will sound like firewood being burnt. These wicks, however, are more expensive than a cord or a paper wick. 

Now let us talk about fragrances and decor. Some essential oils, depending on how potent they are, will cost more than others. Additional things like dried flowers or other decorative materials in the candles will absolutely increase their market value. 

So obviously if a candle maker used to sell candles made from paraffin with no decor, they would be able to price their product cheaper than a candle maker who uses beeswax and adds dried lavender flowers to their candles. 

  • Texture 

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The texture relates to the feel or makeup of the candle. This responsibility falls mainly on the type of wax that is used in the candle making process. It also depends on the length of time that a candle is allowed to cool and set. 

Both of these variables will impact the product price. A better quality wax will eliminate the probability of the wax breaking because it is too brittle, And we all know that better quality means more money. 

The length of time that the candle is allowed to school also dictates how well the wax will form. The longer the candle maker has to wait for the wax to form means that they will not be able to make money from this product, they will therefore have to bump up the price, so they do not operate at a loss. 

  • Size

The size of the candle will increase or decrease the market value of a candle. The bigger the candle then the more ingredients you will have to use which will cost the manufacturer more. It also means that the bigger the packaging will have to be which also attracts a higher cost. 

Let us consider the candle company Le Labo, they are a luxury candle brand that carry a number of candles in different scents and sizes. They carry a candle called Santal 26. This candle comes in varied sizes 6.9 oz, 8.6 oz and 42.3 oz which are priced at $65.00, $75.00 and $480.00 respectively.

  • Durability 

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How long the candle is made to last will determine whether it is a cheap or an expensive candle. The truth is cheaper candles tend to not last as long as the more expensive ones because getting a candle to be durable will attract more expensive ingredients.

The wax, wicks and fragrances all play an integral role in how long a candle will last. Soy wax and beeswax are the two candle waxes that burn the longest. On Amazon a ten-pound bag of soy wax costs $32.00 and the same size beeswax costs $39.00. 

  • Packaging 

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Think about walking into a store and seeing a product on the shelf. Which one would you gravitate towards more? Most people would say they would prefer to purchase a product where the packaging looks sophisticated and well-thought-out versus one that looks like slap dash as if no real thought was put into it. 

Packaging matters to consumers and so it should matter to manufacturers as well. As a manufacturer you want to ensure that your product stands out from the rest and this means that you will have to dig deeper in your pocket to finance this. 

You have to consider that a glass container would be more expensive than a plastic one and glass is definitely more attractive. You will also have to think about labels and the graphics used to create them. And lastly the bag or box that the candle is placed in to finish and whether or not the candle is even placed in another carrying container. 

There are some companies that come up with some very innovative, attractive and intricate packaging and we have to consider that they spend more than the average to source them. 

Some candle makers even spend the time to manipulate and carve the wax to form different shapes and silhouettes. There is no way that they would be able to price their candles at a lower rate. 

  • Marketing

Marketing matters. Marketing will literally make or break a product.  A mediocre product can be sold and make more money than a product that is better than it because the marketing of the product is so much better.  

To book sponsored content on Instagram can cost $0.50 per image. Now calculate how often this image of your product will have to show up for it to get enough attention, these couple of cents will definitely add up at the end of the month. 

Add to that the cost for the photographer, videographer and content directors who need to create the ad campaign that would be shared on these different platforms. Money spent on ad campaigns, through billboards, television or social media have to be considered when pricing candles.

Final Comments

To sum it all up, the way a manufacturer chooses to price their candle is not just something that they pull out of thin air. There are many things that go into candle making and selling. 

These things if aimed to be done in the best possible way can be expensive. So what draws the line between a cheap and an expensive candle? 

Consider some of these things: ingredients, texture, size, durability, packaging and marketing.

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