What Is A Sustainable Candle?

No one has ever remarked, “I have too many candles,” especially if they are environmentally friendly candles.

The $3.5 billion and expanding candle market sector is a global market. What better way to decompress during these stressful times than with a candlelight bath and a bottle of wine?

The search for organic, eco-friendly candles is sparked by the stresses that candles may produce, such lead wicks, petroleum paraffin wax, and synthetic smells, to mention a few.

We were pulled to Keap’s environmentally friendly fragrant candles with regenerative palm oil wax and zero waste packaging like moths to the flame.

Not just because they are a Certified B Corp, but also since they provide candle refills, you can manufacture some of the most ecological candles.

PF Candle Co. provides a dizzying array of aromas for vegan eco-friendly candles, all of which are produced in the USA.

Burn your way to the end of the wick by reading on to find out how we selected the most environmentally friendly candles.


Candle Making

Candles are very important to have in your home as well as to have at your event. Having the perfect candle at home and at a celebratory occasion is crucial. When selecting a candle for an event there are many things to consider. One key characteristic to note is the color and smell of your candle and the next most important characteristic is what material the wax used to make your candle is made from.  

Knowing the type of wax used to make your candle is essential as it can make a great difference in your experience. Candles make every occasion just a bit more emotional, memorable, and eccentric. There are different candles that make up different events. There are candles laced with specific scents and candles made purely for decorative purposes. 

Whichever your option for a candle to burn at your even one thing is for sure, you need to source a candle that is non-toxic and more than anything else, sustainable. When we speak of selecting a sustainable can we speak of a candle that is able to be burnt over and over without emitting harmful chemicals and does not need to be replaced as quickly as other candles. Candles that are sustainable offer the ease of being able to wash the wax out of clothing or any type of fabric that it spills on during burning. 

Why consider switching to non-toxic and sustainable candles?

Candles are a decorative item rather than a necessity. The issue is that the majority of candles in your home are made of paraffin wax, which is derived from petroleum, or mineral wax, as it may occasionally be written on a label. The demand for these items is one of the factors contributing to global warming.

Burning paraffin wax causes carbon to be released into the air of your house. It’s evident that ingesting carbon is a bad idea! Avoid paraffin candles at all costs.

Only one problem exists with carbon; the other is with scent. The safety or possible toxicity of the gases emitted by the class of substances known as “fragrance” is not well understood, but we do know they can contribute to poor indoor air quality and release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.

We also know that phthalates, which are well-known endocrine disruptors, are almost certainly present when “fragrance” is present. Since wearing perfume has been associated with headaches, several establishments now encourage customers to refrain from doing so.


Let’s Heat Things Up

The burn time of a candle is one of the most important factors when selecting a candle. Unfortunately for many of us consumers, it is difficult to get an exact burn time. Manufacturers go through the trouble of letting us the consumers know how long candles should burn. For consumers, we appreciate candles with long burn times. However, one important point to note is that if a candle burns for too long the wick may become unstable and produce an abnormally high flame followed by the emission of soot and smoke. 

Burn time is specific to not only each manufacturer but also the type of wax being used as well as the size and shape of the candle. It is even possible to calculate the specific burn time of a candle using a specific formula. A rule of thumb is that smaller votive candles have a burn time that is about seven to nine hours for each ounce of wax that is used. Larger candles that have long wicks may burn wax much quicker. Larger candles may have an average burn time of five to seven hours for each ounce. A good example of this will see a twelve-ounce candle having sixty to eighty-four hours of burn time.

It is absolutely essential that in our quest to find a candle that burns for extended hours we are safe when burning candles as we may inadvertently cause fires that may prove fatal. The burn time of a candle is dependent on the size and quality of the candle. Candle burning is no sleight of hand act; however, it does require attention to detail and sincere deliberate actions. 

Never-ending Fire

Long burning candles are a sweet spot in candle selection and as such consumers usually choose to purchase candles that provide them with these long-burning options as well as all the other bells and whistles like scent, appearance, and affordability. Sustainability is at the top of the list and if a candle is a long burning candle but is toxic in nature then it is not sustainable. Candles that fall under the category of sustainable are made from the following waxes: soy wax, coconut wax, and beeswax.

The soy grown in some countries that is used to make soy wax is sprayed with pesticides and is genetically modified. As a result of this immutable fact, it is better to select organic non-GMO soy wax when selecting this type of wax to make candles or when selecting candles for purchase. Soy candles actually burn longer owing to the fact that they do not emit benzene or other petroleum-based chemicals. This fact makes it not only sustainable but also an economically friendly option.  

Coconut wax though not a very popular option is a very viable and sustainable option when it is available. Similar to beeswax, coconut wax has a long burn time and does not release any harmful chemicals into the atmosphere while burning. Oftentimes, we are able to blend coconut wax with other waxes such as soy. Many sustainable candles are made of soy-coconut blends and rival other non-soy blend candles. 

Beeswax is the third sustainable option and is a natural product as it is made from the honeycomb of bees. This type of wax possesses a honey-like scent and creates a beautiful warm glow when lit. It is safe to say that with the naturally sweet scent that is emitted from this wax it is nearly unnecessary to add dyes and scents.

Candles made from beeswax can be enjoyed in their purest form. Beeswax candles are seen as an excellent and beneficial option for people with crazy allergies and the next key selling point is that due to its high melting point, the wax is less prone to dripping when burning your candle. This presents a whole new dynamic as customarily it is the drip of hot wax that gets some persons frustrated as the cleanup is usually slavish.

Bold, Beautiful, and LastingA sustainable candle that has a long burn time and is just simply a fusion of awesome and memorable experiences is every consumer’s dream. We all dream of these candles that burnt to our heart’s desire while yielding an explosion of sensuous and luxurious fragrances. Luckily for us, these candles are no longer a dream but a reality. Sustainable candles do exist and thanks to well-needed research and constant experimentation there are many safe and sustainable candles on the market that are presented with all the perks and benefits to make any candle connoisseur get excited.

While selection and experimentation remain two of the main actions to prove or disprove the sustainability of candles one thing remains tried and true when it comes on to sustainability: the burn time and toxic/non-toxic nature of candles. While Paraffin and other wax types of candles remain available on the market, consumers will always seek to secure natural and sustainable options as they are better in the long run for the environment as well as for our pockets. Long-term use and environmentally friendly options will forever be the two most important things consumers bear in mind when selecting sustainable options for candles.

Final Comments

So, are candles sustainable for the environment?

Typically, no. Candle burning is approximately as healthy as driving a car if you do it frequently.

However, there are several benefits to using eco-friendly candles. Better for our homes, families, lungs, and the environment, they also benefit our homes and families.

Additionally, it’s great for our nerves. And isn’t that the main purpose of candles?

If you know someone who enjoys burning candles, educate them about a safer method of self-care by sending them this list of eco-friendly candle companies.

Consider reading our list of vegan candles if you believe the answer to the question “Are beeswax candles sustainable?” is no.

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