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Putting Salt on a candle? You’re probably wondering about what salt and candle are doing together in a sentence. You would be amazed at what this information would do and how handy it would become when you eventually need it. 

Candles can be used for different reasons but the sole purpose is to light up a place. We have ordinary candles that are used just for illumination and we also have scented candles that are used on special occasions or special purposes like aromatherapy. Some of these candles can be quite expensive depending on the type of fragrance oil used in producing it. Candles also have a soothing and relaxing effect and can also give ambiance to a place.

You have probably bought candles for occasions or in the event of a black out and then it burns out so fast that you are unable to achieve the real purpose of buying the candles. The question now is do I keep buying new candles and burning them out? Or is there a way to make them burn slower? This is where salt comes into the picture. Salt has the ability to reduce the rate at which the candle wax melts. This saves you more money and allows you to use the candle for a long period of time.  

The wax present in candles serves as the fuel needed for the light to be kept ignited. Just like in our vehicles we always look for ways to conserve fuel while still getting full benefits from the vehicle. The same applies to the wax fuel in this situation.


Just so you can get the maximum benefit from your candle and you intend to put salt on it, you’ve got to do it the right way. This is to ensure that it is effective. 

If you sprinkle salt on the whole top surface of the candle, and try to light up the candle, you will discover that it will not light up, just the wick will burn out. The candle would not light because the salt is covering the whole wax surface thereby making it difficult for the wax to melt and keep the flame burning. However the best way to go about this process is this:

  • First light the candle directly without sprinkling salt on it.
  • Keep the candle lit long enough to melt the topmost wax.
  • Now that there is a pool of melted wax around the candle wick, sprinkle some table salt into the liquid wax.
  • Make sure the salt is not just sitting on the wax surface but mixed with it properly. You can mix in the salt using a matchstick.
  • Make sure to clear the area around the candle wick if there is any salt and relight the candle. There you have it! Enjoy your longer lasting candle.


  • Freeze the candle

Absolutely! Putting your candles in the freezer helps to drop the temperature and also increases the time it takes for the wax to melt. Freezing the candle hardens the wax . The thicker the candle is, the longer it takes for it to get frozen.

  • Do not place near a window or door

Placing your candle to burn near a window or any other place alike makes the candle burn unevenly which makes a large portion of the candle wax go to waste at the end of the day.

  • Trim the candle wick

Trimming the candle wick to about a quarter inch in length helps to reduce burn out time. This is because a candle with a longer wick tends to burn out faster. Also repeat trimming whenever you want to light the candle again. This is because when the wick burns it turns black and sooty and to avoid this soot from rising up every time you relight the candle remember to trim it.

  • Let the candle burn for a long time at first lighting.

It is necessary that a newly lit candle is left to burn for a sufficiently long time. Long enough that the melted candle’s wax has extended and filled the whole diameter of the candle. This is to avoid uneven burning every time the candle is lit. Making you end up with a rough nub of hardened melted wax which will not burn again if it doesn’t burn the first time. 


Here are some things you need to take note of while using a candle so as to avoid disasters or accidents.

  • Make sure you use a candle stand so as to collect melted wax and prevent the candle from falling.
  • Place the candle on a flat surface. A table is a very good option depending on where it is being used.
  • Do not place candles beside a window or near something flammable. This is to prevent curtains or clothes from catching fire. 


Note that one major difference between putting salt on candle and not using salt is that:

Candles with salt tend to burn with a lower intensity but it takes a long time for them to burn out. However, a candle without salt burns with more intensity and is very bright but burns out very fast. 

Therefore it totally depends on the purpose and situation you are in. If you need to save cost and do not necessarily need the light with very bright intensity then you can put salt on your candle. However, if you need the light with higher intensity you should not add salt but you could look at the other methods you can use to make your candle burn longer. 


If you put salt on a candle it will reduce the melt rate of the wax which makes candles last longer and you get the most for your money. Which means it saves you money.    

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