Candles are one of the oldest sources of indoor illumination to have ever been created. Around the time they were first invented, they were made mainly of boiled down fat or tallow from the carcasses of cattle and other animals. However, in many parts around the world, people soon began to discover and explore other types of different materials with which candles can be formed. Although, they were once threatened by the discovery of electricity and the invention of the electric light bulb, candles have become quite popular in recent times.



These days, quite a number of people love candles, especially those of the scented variety; which emit desirable and nice-smelling scents when they are burned. This is due to the addition of fragrances and perfumes to the candles during the process of making them, when they are boiled down and melted before they are poured into a mold and left to solidify. This great love for candles globally translates to several billion dollars in the candle industry yearly and, surprisingly, a significant percentage of the total global market size of candles comes from developed parts of the world where electricity is constant and steady. This notable fact brings several things into question such as the fact that, if people no longer need to depend on candles for indoor illumination, then why exactly are they buying so many of them?

Well, the simple answer to this puzzle lies in the fact that candles have evolved considerably since thousands of years ago, when they were first invented. However, this change is not only restricted to the types of materials used in making them; it also has to do with their need or purpose. Back in the day – and we’re talking millennia ago, and even decades ago; as the electric light bulb was only invented towards the tail end of the 1800s – candles were one of the few main sources of indoor illumination (and, if we’re being completely honest, they still are; even if they no longer hold the first place…or the second or third when it comes to the most preferred sources of indoor illumination globally) and the world was their oyster. However, nowadays, they hold important places of honor in much- beloved fields such as aromatherapy, mood setting and romance. Let’s just call it a slight career change.



The pronounced shift in the need, purpose and role majorly ascribed to candles – particularly in advanced and much developed parts of the world – is mainly due to the discovery of electricity and the invention of the electric light bulb near the end of the 19th century; which was a major step forward during the industrial age and revolution. However, this shift made it necessary for candles to adapt it changing technology or risk extinction; even now, despite what we called the “slight career change” of candles, the knowledge and renown of the art of candle-making still obtained some decline in popularity for several decades before we stepped into this new era, when people seem to be finding and embracing candles and the art of making them, once more.

As we mentioned before, these days, candles have become extremely popular in the field of aromatherapy; where they are used in aiding relaxation and stress relief. Also, and partially as a result of the media and pop culture, candles are now seen as symbols of romance and atmosphere or mood setting (think candlelight dinners, candlelit bubble baths, and candles and petals strewn at the feet – or perhaps, bended knee – of someone who is proposing to a lover). Things like this paint a picture of the new and modified purposes of candles in this age, thus making candles very desirable. As a result of this, many people around the world love candles. And as we all know, celebrities are people too.

Various celebrities around the world have once expressed their love for candles at one point in time or another, they include powerhouses like: Beyonce, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Meghan Markle, Blake Lively, Jennifer Anniston, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, Britney spears, Olivia Munn, Johnny Depp and Victoria Beckham, among many others.


Victoria Beckham is an amazing English singer and songwriter, fashion and television personality, mother of 4 and wife to famous former British football star, David Beckham. However, hers is also one of the notable names on our list of celebrities who love candles. When it comes to her love of candles, this former Spice girl has been known to drop a comment or two over the years. And as a matter of fact, on one occasion, she even revealed her favorite type of candle; naming it on her list of things she cannot list without. According to her, Diptyque Green Figueir Scented Candles are one of her favorite things, which probably means that she uses them a lot. In her own words to The Strategist, she said: “My flagship store on Dover Street is all about awakening the senses, and scent was a really important piece of the store experience. Over time, Diptyque’s Figuier Vert (or Diptyque Green Figueir) candle has become our signature fragrance – everyone who walks in always talks about the amazing smell of the store, and that’s just because of the candle. I love the warmth of fig wood so much that I often have one in my office, too.”

But what exactly are Diptyque Green Figueir Scented Candles?

Well, here’s what we know: Diptyque Green Figueir Scented Candles are fig scented candles made in France by Diptyque. Upon purchase, they have a typical height of 10 cm and diameter of 9 cm, as well as a burning time of about 75 hours. These wonderful scented candles are enclosed in glass containers, which are well suited for containing candle flame during burning. According to Diptyque, when using the candle for the first time, one should leave it to burn for 2 or 3 hours, until all the wax has become liquid on the surface. Also, the wick should be regularly cut with the wick trimmer to an ideal length of 3 -5 mm and after each use, the wick should be well centered to ensure the consistent consumption of wax.

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