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Scented candles are now a big part of almost every household. And people who are candle addicts pay top dollars for these candles and it can get very expensive. The aroma and the look of the candles are the main components that customers look for, for the ultimate experience. Some years ago, the scented candles were very simple with a single scent and one colour. 

But they have come a long way. Their looks and their fragrances have become much more complicated and profound. And this is what the luxury candle business is all about. Use of the best wax and best fragrances is not enough. One has to come up with various combinations of scents for that trademark aroma and a variety of options for the appearance of the candle to have a successful luxury candle business. This article will help you navigate if you have the question that is “ what are the most expensive candles in the world?” This list has all the top big names from the candle manufacturing industry. It also has the price and details of why that particular candle has a ridiculously high price tag. So let’s dig in! 

Fornasetti Scacco Otto Scented Candle $695

Starting off with a $695 scented candle that features a hypnotic design with the enigmatic face of Italian opera singer Lina Cavalieri behind a golden chessboard (Scacco is Italian for check). This Otto scented candle, created by well-known Oliver Polge, is infused with a Mediterranean blend of lavender, thyme, cedarwood, orris and finished off with base notes of birch and incense. The vegetable wax is hand-poured in the Fornasetti glazed ceramic containers and a matching ceramic lid that makes for an elegant piece for your coffee table or can be repurposed as per needs once the candle has burnt down. The triple-wick scented candle would last for over 60 hours and make an ideal gift. 

Balmain X Cire Trudon Great 105 oz Candle $650

Next up is a unique collaboration based on the longstanding relationship between two Parisian houses; Balmain & Cire Trudon! This gorgeous scented candle is definitely worth your every penny. The fragrance notes include Bergamot, Atlas cedarwood, Grapefruit blended with leather, tobacco or cigars, and base notes of black rose and patchouli, a perfect mix of both houses.

The alluring container is meticulously designed in Trudon workshops in France with an initial hand application of gold foil, having Trudon label imprinted on it, upon the clear glass container, which is then lacquered in black that finishes off with fine cracks in two signature colors gold and black, as inspired by the Balmain’s marinièr, The Great Candle comes with 5 wicks and can be staged anywhere in the house or office. The gorgeous smelling candle would hurt your wallet with $650 and lasts over 300 hours. So, yeah, that’s totally worth it!

Cire Trudon Ernesto Scented Candle $570

Like all candles from your very own Cire Trudon, this luxury candle comes with gold embossed on its front and a plant-based wax with a cotton wick on the inside. This classic cult was named after the revolutionary politician Che Guevara. If you’re into history, you’ll definitely live the warm-and-spicy notes of mid-century Havana featuring bergamot, Rhum, blended with labdanum, oak wood, clove and patchouli, and finished off by base notes of amber, tobacco, and leather. 

As portrayed by the website, “In a hotel of Havana, under the fixed sun of the Revolution: the fierce and partisan overtones of leather and tobacco meddle with the paneling’s waxen silence. In the cool dimness, fawn grimaces shimmer along with the smoke of cigars and the barrels of guns.” This luxe scented candle would cost you a hefty sum of $570, lasting about 60 hours only. But hey, it’s a Cire Trudon candle! Who wouldn’t go bankrupt for an iconic fragrance like this?

Lladro 1001 light Scheherazade’s Quarters candle with Unbreakable Spirit Scent $520

Next up is a really, really fancy candle, Scheherazade’s Quarters 1001 light candle, which is made by Lladro. Lladro is a Spanish brand well-known for its porcelain art pieces. It is inspired by the tales of thousand and one nights and is thought to represent the scent of a full moon and consists of currants and lotus flowers. It costs about 520 dollars and has 5 smoke-free wicks. It comes in a really fancy tower-shaped container made with premium-grade porcelain that can withstand temperature variations. It is ideal for giving middle eastern vibes to your space and can be used as decoration after the candle has burned out. 

Mottahedeh Duke of Gloucester Fu Dog jar candle $510 

Mottahedeh made Duke of Gloucester Fu Dog jar candles. They cost you about 510, and this company is committed to making beautiful historic designs on their porcelain containers.

Gucci Fumus Star Eye Candle $350

Gucci is next, and their candle is a Fumus star Eye candle. It runs about 350 dollars per piece, and it comes in a porcelain container with an eye motif in the centre of that container. And when you are all out of a candle, the container can be used as a decoration piece. The candle consists of beeswax and has a hint of orange leaves. 

Versace Le Jardin  de Versace $306

Versace is next on our list, and their candle is Le Jardin de Versace. It costs about 306 dollars a pop. Well, what do you expect? A candle made by Versace will be expensive. And it burns very quickly. It comes in a porcelain container which is a company’s iconic design. 

Richard Ginori Totem $420

Richard Ginori is next on our list, and their candle is called totem. It costs about 420 dollars and has a beautiful squirrel shaped lid. The container is again porcelain and can be used as a decoration piece afterwards. The fragrance has notes of orange flowers and Sicilian mandarin mid notes of nutmeg and black pepper, and finally base notes of musk. 

Richard Ginori Labirinto Smeraldo $250

Next up is another beautifully crafted candle by Richard Gnori named Labirinto Smeraldo is a 250 dollar candle, and it comes in a porcelain container. It is pricey, yes, but the smell has excellent notes of bergamot, fig, citrus and musk. There is a handmade maze on the porcelain. The candle burns smoke-free for 80 hours.  

L’OBJET – Eau d’Égée No.3 Large Scented Candle $295

We all love to travel to break free from the ordinary, and what we ultimately take away from our journey is the signature fragrances that are reminiscent of the place. L’Objet’s Eau d’Ègèe transports us to the Aegean coast. The wax is fragranced by pepperwood, oak, cedar, and wildflowers offset with sweet notes of coriander and spicy notes of burning sage as was found in ancient Greek temples. This gorgeous smelling candle has three wicks for a warm and soothing glow. The aromatic wax comes in a large white porcelain container with a brass lid and burns for over 300 hours.

Bella Freud 1970 Gold Ceramic candle $135

Now, we have Bella Freud’s 110 pounds ($153) candle named 1970 Gold ceramic candle. It is an ideal candle to have on one’s bookshelf. It has a long burning time of 80 hours, and it has natural hand-poured wax infused with only the best essential oils and fragrances. These include frankincense, myrrh, oakmoss and patchouli oils perfected by musk, sandalwood and vetiver to fill your rooms with intoxicating fragrances.

Cire Trudon Napoleon Candle $170

Next up is a 170 dollar bust of a man who has certainly made his mark on history. This bust of Napoleon Bonaparte by Cire Turdon is about 24 centimetres tall and is non-scented. It has a wick, but it is not actually meant to be burned as it is more of an art piece than a candle. 

Tom Ford  Fucking Fabulous Candle $132

Next is Tom Ford’s Fucking Fabulous Candle. I will give it full marks for the name. The name certainly means business and is very straightforward about what the customers would get if they buy this 132 dollar candle. And I don’t think I can put it any better than Tom Ford himself, “Fabulous is a decadent, oriental leather with an intoxicating grip. It evokes the private exchanges where fantasies come true. It’s undeniably the most straightforward name for such a beautiful scent.”  And the fun part is this candle is actually pretty affordable when compared to others on the list.

Baobab Jungle Safari Black Panther Candle $130

Black Panther-inspired candle, referring to its intense black container, would make a statement in your home. Baobab’s Jungle Safari Black Panther candle will fill your space with candied lemon, cinnamon, and patchouli for a fruity-floral scent that packs quite a punch. This leathery black candle isn’t for budget-conscious people as it would cost you around $130, but it makes a good gift.  Let the candle burn until the entire top melts evenly when you’re burning it for the first time. Later, do not burn it for more than one hour. 

D.S & Durga Tomb of Eagles $65

There are plenty of candles that evoke a sense of ocean breezes or a rose garden, but what about a remote place?  The last scented candle on our list for expensive candles is Tomb of the Eagles by D.S. & Durga takes you across the North Sea to Orkney, Scotland, where the salty sea hits the jagged cliffs. Described as fresh, green, and floral, the candle gives off a refreshing fragrance with top notes of clover, cold sea, sea pinks, sweet cicely finished off with Island moss and bones. Oh, not the decaying ones! This intriguing candle would burn for 60 long hours and cost you only $65.

There’s no end when it comes to luxury candles. I hope you’ll enjoy these candles hand-picked for you to flaunt your taste.

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