When it comes to luxury and the display of class, sophistication and fashion, some people are willing to go the extra mile. But in the realm of candles, as with many other things, the most expensive candles brands are usually known to have made a solid name or reputation for themselves in the field of candle-making; usually, these brands make use of high quality fragrances, dyes, candles wax and wicks. By virtue of this, most of such brands of scented candles tend to be a lot more expensive than other candle brands.


Candles are items whose inventions were borne out of necessity. They have been around for several thousands of years (as a matter of fact, some of the earliest versions of candles can be traced back to 5 000 years ago, and they were made from rendered fat. These types of candles were known as tallow candles, and they continue to be in existence, even till this present day).

Tallow candles are formed from the fat obtained from slaughtered animals (preferably, mammals such as cows and other livestock, which have a heavy supply of fat which can be boiled down and rendered to form wax). These candles (i.e. tallow candles) were the most popular type of candles in the world, for a long period of time. However, they were not the best, in comparison with other kinds of candles such as beeswax. This is because tallow candles tend to burn uncleanly; with the emission of large amounts of soot and green house gases, along with the unpleasant aroma of burning fat.

Beeswax candles were much preferred in comparison because they burned cleanly and produced very little amount of soot and other gases which may endanger the human health and environment. Beeswax candles also emit a subtle pleasant aroma, which makes it even more desirable, compared to the smell of burning fat; an aroma which has been associated with the use of tallow candles.

The fact that candles of better quality have always been a lot more expensive than those of lower qualities is what forms the basis of luxury candles; because there is a greater expectation on luxury candles to be even more accessible than those that are not of luxury brands.



The history of candle making is even more obscure and lengthy than that of candles, themselves. This is because while people can still make educated guesses on what the oldest forms of candles and candle waxes are, many people do not recall the name of the actual individual that first invented candles, or what prompted them to come up with it. Not even the long memory of history kept records of this phenomenon (i.e. the name of the original inventor of candles). However, the invention of candles can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as the Ancient Romans, the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Chinese (who used to make candle wax out of wax extracted from whales, sharks and other aquatic mammals).

Hundreds of years ago, when candle making was still in the season of its first bloom, when people relied heavily on candles as their major sources of indoor illumination, candle making was a guild craft and candle makers used to go from house to house, in order to make candles for the households, using animal fat from their kitchens (which had been set out for that purpose of candle making). Those who were exceptional at their art were attributed a measure of renown, some of which passed on to their apprentices.

Nowadays, the art of candle making has become popular again, and the major candle makers who have built a reputation for themselves include the following:

  • Lladro

Lladro is a Spanish brand that is well known for their dedication and specialization to the field of candle making. Over time, they have become a great name, not just in candle making but in the production of home items of elegance and luxury, such as; lighting pieces, furniture and art décor. The history of the company can be traced back to 1953, when production began in the village of Almasserra, and Lladro began to make their first plates. However, in 2010, they began to diversify heavily by emphasizing collaboration with other companies.

  • Missoni

This is another well-known luxury brand that specializes in a wide range of items such as clothing, accessories, home furniture, home décor etc. Missioni’s candles are known to exude sophistication, class and elegance which is associated with their brand and name.

  • L’object

L’object is a well known company that provides their customers with premium amazing designs that elevate the items to new realms of sophistication, which is what sets it apart from other candle making companies in the industry (especially those that specialize in other luxury items, apart from candles). Over the years, they have built a solid reputation for themselves in this field of luxury goods production.

  • Diptique

This is a brand of luxury candles that have specialized in the production of luxury candles, over the duration of several years. This brand of luxury candles has built such a name for itself, in terms of product quality, that celebrities all over the world have even mentioned items from this brand as some of their favorite candles of all time. This has turned Diptique into an all time favorite brand among trendsetters and those who hand their finger on the pulse of fashion.

  • Cire Trudon

Cire Trudon is an old French luxury item house that specializes in the production and sale of sophisticated, luxury items such as scented candles, and scents in general. This brand is known to produce some of the most expensive candles in the world, and these products are renowned for their high quality (particularly in terms of fragrance or perfume, wax, containers and packaging). Cire Trudon is a company that is known to represent sophistication and class to the absolute level, which makes it one of the 5 most expensive candle brands in the world.

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