Candles are an investment, and they should be treated as such. Therefore, it is quite important that you know how to properly keep and store your luxury candles when they are not in use.There are different types of candles and it is of paramount importance that you know how to properly keep and store your candles. Whether they are Pillar candles, Taper candles, Jar candles, Tumbler candles or any other assortment of candles, you must ensure you take the right precautions for proper care of the candle and its longevity. It’s possible that you might be moving into a new space or you’re trying to change out your candles for different seasons or simply have gathered a possibly unnecessary collection and now need to be intentional about how your candles are stored, there are certain tips you should follow to ensure you are getting the longest life out of your candle. When it comes to taking care of your candle, you want to ensure safe placement to avoid fire hazards as well as know how you can fix candle tunneling to allow hours of burn time. But there’s also another trick that can preserve the life of your candle: Learning how to store candles.


When it comes to taking care of candles, you would want to ensure the safe placement to avoid fire hazards as well as know how to fix candle tunneling to allow hours of burn time. Scent molecules are always slowly but constantly evaporating out of your candle wax, even when it isn’t being burned, it is often called scent degradation. When you light a candle you bought 5 or 7 years ago, compared to the scented candle you bought just recently, you would probably notice that the smell has noticeably faded (if not gone altogether). If you want to make your candles last for a long time without losing their smell, then it’s important to know how to store them properly.



Fragrance oil and waxes are sensitive to heat. You should avoid keeping candles in places that get hotter than the room temperature and never leave candles near source of direct heat such as radiators, space heaters, electric coolers, or other kitchen appliances. Store your candle in a place with a cool even temperature below 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, any excess heat may cause the candle wax to soften and cause the fragrance to not last long. The colder the temperature, the better. You might as well keep your candles in the fridge if you have an extra room for it. But never store them in freezer, this can damage candle wick and cause the wax to crack or split.

Keep Candles Away From Sunlight

Direct Sunlight does more than melt the candles, it also makes the candle’s beautiful colour and custom fragrance fade much faster. So, consider storing your candle in a pantry or bathroom cupboard, away from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Basically, the darker the space, the longer your candle will be preserved.

Avoid Moisture

Candles are best kept as dry as possible. Try to avoid areas with water, moisture, humidity and condensation. While it is nice to keep candles in the bathroom for self-care days where you unwind with a deep tub soak, avoid storing them beneath the sink where leaks can occur. It is also a wise idea to avoid damp basements unless it’s a jar candle style. Bathrooms and kitchens typically have higher levels of humidity than other rooms in the house. So, it’s best to steer clear of storing candles in those rooms.

Fire Safety

It is very important to learn how to store candles safely. Candle flame can lead to a potential fire hazard if proper care is not taken. Candles must be stored away from curious children and pets, even when it is not lit. Also, you should avoid storing candles in cardboard boxes or anything flammable in general, just in case.



There are specific ways of storing certain types of candles, as the ingredients in them respond differently. Some of the main examples are as follows:

Candles Containing Vanilla

This can discolor and turn yellow over time and this is accelerated when using tins as the metal reacts quicker with the fragrance. Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop this discoloration but storing them below 25 degrees C and keeping them away from daylight will help slow down the process.

Jar Candles

Candles in jar or tumblers are great because they last a long time and the fragrance rarely spoils. As they’re already in containers, they are easy to store one on top of the other without ruining the ones underneath as long as they’re properly placed in a way they won’t fall. As long as the lid is placed back on, they will keep their scent.

Small Candles

They are best stored in a box that has dividers so that they are not touching , as it is possible they could melt together.

Pillar Candles

If they’re already in glass jars, then they can be safely stored standing upright. If not, then lay them flat to prevent them from warping.

Tapper Candles

Again, these need to be flat. They are extremely prone to scratches and damage, so take extra care when storing these. You might want to wrap them in tissue paper separately to prevent wear and tear and pop them in a box. Galvanized boxes are the best option as they’re resistant to temperatures, so they won’t get hot or too cold.

Wax Melts

These are one of the safest types of wax products, as they’re placed onto a Wax Burner, so they don’t have a naked flame. To store them, keep them in their original boxes to stop them from sticking together. If you don’t have the original box, then you could try individual trays.

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