There are many ways to add flair to the act of candle burning, and so many different tools to make the process easier. Some candle makers (chandlers) employ unique colors, scents, designs and containers to set their candles apart from other brands in the market. And usually this works, by capturing the attention of candle users. However, these are very common methods.

One different method, that isn’t as popular as the others, is the use of wax sprinkles to decorate a candle; thereby giving it a more cheerful and fun look.


Wax sprinkles are colorful small items/ materials that can be used to decorate a candle or a candle container, in order to make it more beautiful or aesthetically pleasing. Some of them contain scents that can be guessed at by the color of the sprinkles; and this is just one of the amazing modern innovations in candle making that has taken placed within this century – or rather, that has become popular within this century (this is because sprinkles have been around for a very long time, and they have been widely used in all forms of decorations, and also in the process of decorating all sorts of things; particularly during festive periods or special celebrations). Sprinkles are items that have been in the backdrop of festivities for several decades now. Yet, they have never failed to fulfill their roles of adding an extra drop of cheer to those kinds of festivities and ceremonies. For instance, cakes generally take a prominent role in birthday parties (and will certainly be missed when they are not there). However, birthday cakes decorated with sprinkles generally convey a certain kind of extra cheer that is typically associated with childhood innocence; which is why cakes intended for children tend to have more sprinkles than those intended for adults.


In the same vein (of conveying childhood innocence, wonder and cheer), a lot more sprinkles are typically used in the decoration of items (e.g. cakes and candles), intended for the celebration of festive seasons such as Christmas. However, normal sprinkles made of sugar and corn syrup are not recommended for use in candles; because they burn very quickly. Therefore, wax sprinkles are more suitable. They are also fun to use, and candles decorated with them usually make great presents for people during festive seasons.


Due to the fact that normal sugar sprinkles cannot be used in decorating candles (because they burn easily and quickly – at a much faster rate than the candle wax itself – and they also do not so a good job of disintegrating, or melting like normal candle wax), it is recommendable for people to purchase and use wax sprinkles…or make their own.

The process of making wax candles is very easy. It also requires many of the same ingredients used in the making of normal candles. These materials include the following:

  • Wax

One of the most essential materials used in making wax sprinkles is candle wax (as evidenced by the fact that it is even in its name!). Any type of candle wax can be used in making wax sprinkles, depending on what you’re going for (or what type of wax is available).

Despite the fact that sprinkles can be made from any kind of candle wax, it is advisable for you to use wax materials that work well with dyes and colors (e.g. paraffin wax, soy wax etc). This is because sprinkles are typically intended to come in different colors, which means that different types of dyes will be used. Therefore, it is better and more cost effective to use waxes that are more suitable for dyes, compared to those that are not (e.g. tallow and beeswax, which already have natural hues of their own).

  • Dye

Dye is another important material, used in the production of candle sprinkles. It is important to have at least one color on hand, because one of the purposes of wax sprinkles is to beautify candles aesthetically. Typically, the more the amount of colors present in a collection of sprinkles, the more vibrant and cheerful the design is.

The kind of dye used in sprinkle production matters a whole lot, because using the wrong type of dye can affect the integrity of the wax sprinkles. Some dyes make waxes burn very hot, which in turn makes them melt at a much quicker rate; if these types of dyes are used to produce wax sprinkles used to decorate candles, they may inadvertently increase the melting rate of the actual candle.

  • Fragrance

The use of fragrance in the production of wax sprinkles is completely optional. However, it does add a unique touch to the finished product. When fragrance is added to wax sprinkles, it makes them smell nice and gives them an extra edge (which some candle lovers will appreciate). However, the addition of fragrance will lead to extra cost.

  • Piping bag

A suitable piping bag should be made available for the production of wax sprinkles.

Other materials required include a heat source, metal containers, and a suitable stirrer.


To make wax sprinkles, first melt your wax in a small metal container and stir until all the wax has melted. Add the dye and continue to mix.

Leave the wax to cool slightly for about two minutes. Then, begin to stir again to make it attain a suitable texture and consistency for piping (the texture, at this point, should be similar to that of butter icing).

Scoop your wax into the piping bag and make a very tiny hole at the end of the piping bag (or use a very tiny piping outlet). On a suitable surface, pipe out long, thin lines of colored candle wax. Do this slowly to attain desirable effects.

Leave the wax to dry well, break the long lines into small pieces and scoop them into a container.

Repeat the process for other colors, in order to attain a more lively collection of wax sprinkles.

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