Candles are very popular these days. In the past, they were one of the major sources of indoor illumination and this made them quite popular. Back then (we’re talking hundreds and thousands of years ago), candles were made predominantly from materials such as tallow or boiled down fat, insects rolled in papyrus or some other form of paper and so on. Nowadays, candles are commonly made from paraffin wax.

Over time, the world shifted to electricity and candles became a lot less popular. One major side effect of this is the loss of knowledge about candles.


Years ago, candles were the trendiest things. They were virtually the only major source of indoor illumination in the world, and this made them high on people’s lists of demand. As a result of this, the art of candle making enjoyed a state of renown for quite some time; as a matter of fact, candle making became a guild craft, and candle makers (chandlers) used to go from house to house in order to make candles for households who had already made preparations for them.

Back then, the most common types of candle were the kind that were made from tallow, and only the rich could afford a regular supply of tallow candles; as tallow is basically boiled down fat, which was obtained from slaughtered livestock.

Other alternatives to tallow candles, for the longest time, was beeswax; which was so expensive that at some point, only the extremely rich and the church could afford to have regular supplies of it. Yet, beewax candles were a lot more desirable than tallow candles, not just because they were more expensive but because they burned a lot more cleanly. Also, they didn’t give off an unpleasant aroma when burning, unlike tallow candles.


This thriving industry of candle making was in vogue for thousands of years until the 19th century, when the electric light bulb was invented.

This invention ushered the world into a new chapter of indoor illumination, to the detriment of the previously booming candle industry. And this phase lasted for quite a few decades. However, candles are back in style and they glow brighter than ever and smell a lot nicer (yeah, we’re talking about scented candles).


Scented candles are candles that contain fragrances in the form of perfumes or essential oils. Most of the ingredients in the fragrances used today are largely unknown. This is because candle makers do not like to share their secrets, any more than they have to. However, phthalates are a major part of some fragrances (and this can make them to be dangerous or harmful). The safest kinds of fragrances for scented candles, however, are those made with essential oils.

If there was ever a question of, “Why are candles back?” Scented candles are the simple answer. This type of candles has re-launched the once lost popularity of candles in a new way. The reasons why they are so popular today include the following:

  • Aromatherapy

These days, the word “Aromatherapy” and scented candles go hand in hand. This is because aromatherapy is a field of therapy whereby scents from essential oils (and the aroma of scented candles made with the aforementioned essential oils) are inhaled, and used to relieve stress, manage anger and other related conditions.

Scented candles are so important in the field of aromatherapy that it is basically one major reason why they (scented candles) are now very popular.

When scented candles are lit and burned, the fragrance that has been added to them permeates the air in the form of hot throw. This aroma is then inhaled and is stated to have positive effects of people.

  • Scented candles are classy

This is hands down one of the main reasons why scented candles are common these days; because they are thought to represent class, sophistication and elegance. People who burn scented candles are generally those who are aware enough to care about their mental health and their own quality of living.

As a matter of fact, many celebrities are avid candle lovers, who have been vocal about the kind of candles they love e.g. Victoria Beckham, Meghan Markle, Ryan Seacrest etc.

  • Scented candles are aesthetically pleasing

Apart from the fact that scented candles are used in aromatherapy and are considered a hallmark of class (in certain circles), many people use them because they are simply aesthetically pleasing.

First of all, scented candles emit pleasant aromas that create a warm and soothing ambience in a lot of people’s homes. Asides this, these days, they also come in a lot of creative styles, sizes and shapes; which add a lot of beauty and elegance to many people’s living spaces.


Some of the shapes that scented candles come in are as a result of the molds they were set in, during their production process. However sometimes, melted candle wax is poured into containers or jars in which they are allowed set with the wick. Candles in such containers tend to come with a lid.

Due to the fact that a lot of knowledge of candles has been lost, many people do not know that it can be less than ideal to put out a candle by blowing out the flame. This process – i.e. the act of putting out candles by blowing out their flames – tends to result in smoke (a lot of it, in certain scenarios). And while others may prefer to put of their candles with their fingers, it is possible – and perhaps, more ideal and classy – to put them out using their lids (provided of course, that they come with a lid).

When you put out a candle with the lid, you put it out efficiently, and you also prevent it from getting affected by dust and other particles which may land on it (i.e. in the absence of a cover).

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