In ancient times, candles were one of the few sources of indoor illumination however, the need for candles has evolved with the invention of the light bulb. Nowadays, candles are used mainly for aesthetic purposes (e.g. for creative lighting and in aromatherapy). Some of the most popular types of candles in this day and age are scented candles, which are candles that emit fragrance as they burn. There are different types of scented candles based on the type of perfume or fragrance they give off (e.g. citrus, coconut, lavender, vanilla, sandalwood etc). But Sandalwood is arguably the best scented candle.



Scentedcandles come in different forms, shapes and sizes. However, one of the most important features of scented candles is the fragrance they emit as they burn. There are different types of perfumes of fragrances which can be added to scented candles while they are being manufactures. Many of them are traditional scents such as lavender, citrus, coconut, grape, apricot, roses and so on. While others may be combination of two traditional fragrances or more unconventional scents like pancakes, bacon, Irish Breakfast and others. Basically, what makes each scented candle different from all the rest is the specific fragrance it emits when it burns. And every person has their own preferences.

Sandalwood scented candles are some of the most popular types of scented candles. This is because many people enjoy the rich and creamy fragrance of sandalwood, a species of sweet smelling trees under genus Santalum. And so, over the years, people have used sandalwood in soaps, creams, oils and lotions. These items have played very important roles in aromatherapy due to their fragrance. They have been used by insomniacs to treat lack of sleep and they have also been used for the treatment of anxiety as well as other disorders.

Sandalwood scented candles are arguably the best scented candles because of their woodsy, yet sweet and creamy smell. Not only do they smell nice but they also have a soothing effect, which comes in handy in aromatherapy. Sandalwood also has a distinctive quality of being able to blend well with other fragrances and perfumes, without overpowering them. In this capacity, sandalwood acts as a good base and toner for other fragrances such as vanilla and lavender, by deepening them and allowing them to linger on the skin and on clothing articles – and other items – for longer periods of time.



Those who prefer sandalwood scented candles to other types of scented candles have a lot to say about their preference and here are some of the most common reasons that they give:

  • Sandalwood scented candles have a soothing smell

The soothing fragrance given off by sandalwood scented candles has a calming effect which plays an important role in aromatherapy. The tranquil effect of sandalwood helps in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety and other disorders. It also helps to relieve stress, which is why those that prefer sandalwood scented candles often light them up, while they soak up in warm baths and play soft music in the background. The soothing fragrance of sandalwood scented candles is one of their best selling points, and it is also why they are very popular today.

  • Sandalwood scented candles mix well with other scents

Sandalwood is a fragrance that has been used over many centuries in many different forms. The scent from aromatic trees of the genus Santalum has been extracted and distilled to make different types of articles for years. They have been used in lotions, powders, shower gells, creams, perfumes and scented candles among others. And part of why they are so popular is that sandalwood is a very rich scent that combines and mixes well with other fragrances without overpowering or off-setting them. It helps to add depth to the additional fragrance so that they can have richer notes and more intense layers of scent. This makes sandalwood very important for making combinations of fragrances or layers of scents.

  • Sandalwood scented candles are very distinctive

Sandalwood scented candles have a very rich and distinctive fragrance that isn’t all that easy to come across elsewhere. And that is one of the things that make them special. The fragrance emitted by sandalwood scented candles when they burn is so distinctive that sandalwood scented candles are instantly able to be differentiated from other types of scented candles. Their creamy, sweet and rich fragrance is one of the things that set them apart from other scented candles, and this fragrance is so unique that it can still be detected when other fragrances have been mixed into the candle.

  • Sandalwood scented candles are classy

Now, here is something that a lot of people tend to say about sandalwood scented candles, “they are classy”. Sandalwood is such a classical fragrance that it is often associated with products of high quality such as high-end perfumes, aftershaves, body lotion and scented candles. A major reason for this is that sandalwood trees are not available everywhere in the world and so, the fragrance may be harder to get or more expensive in certain regions compared to others (most varieties of sandalwood are naturally found in Australia, Hawaii or India). As a result of this – and because sandalwood is such a desirable fragrance – products which have been imbued with sandalwood scent are considered very classy. They may also be more expensive than some other types of scented candles when they are manufactured in regions where sandalwood trees do not grow naturally. This is because the cost of importing extracts of the unique scent from other regions – where sandalwood trees are common – will often be added to the price of the sandalwood scented candles. This perception of added class is one of the reasons why sandalwood scented candles are popular among certain circles, and it has also added to the reputation of the candles thus making it even more desirable by those who prefer it to other types of scented candles.

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