One of the most interesting facts about candles is that they come in different types, and they have many uses. While many may regard these common household tools as mere instruments of indoor illumination, there is quite a lot to discover about candles.

For example, the common types of candles in the global markets are often categorized based on the types of candle wax they have or the kind of candle wicks they have; and these properties, in turn, determine how harmful a candle can be. One common question people have is: “Are tobacco candles harmful?”


Tobacco scented candles are known for their woody and sweet aroma, which is reminiscent of the blend of a tobacco pipe. Tobacco fragrance is not just used in tobacco candles, they are also used in the production of products imbued with masculine scents such as sandalwood. It is also mixed with scents such as leather and citrus.

One of the things that makes tobacco candles so popular – yes, they are popular – is how nostalgic they are for some people. Intoxicating is another word that comes to mind.

Here are some of the best tobacco candles on the market today:

  • La Montana’s Alfredo’s café scented candle

This candle is a very elegant blend of coffee, tobacco, leather, incense and brandy. It gives the warmth of a café (Alfredo’s café, specifically), and manages to captivate and transport the candle user.

  • Bella Freud’s Psychoanalysis scented candle

This candle comes with major notes of neroli, amber and tobacco, mixed with notes of woody aromas.

  • LAFCO’s Myrrh cassis candle

This candle holds the sweet scent of tobacco mixed with myrrh resin, cedarwood and black currant.

  • P.F Candle Co’s No. 33 Sunbloom scented candle

This candle is made with botanical scents that are somewhat spicy, with hints of tonka bean, yarrow and lily.

  • The Nomad Society’s Nocturna scented candle

This candle mixes floral scents with that of tobacco, in order to get an excellent blend that is utterly captivating.

  • ROEN’s Garcon candle

This brand of tobacco candles was made based on inspiration from old-world Paris. It combines the subtle scents of cologne with that of rum, tobacco, cardamom and rich wood.

  • Earl of East London’s Elementary scented candle

This candle comes with the scent of amber, leather and the rich aroma of tobacco leaf. It is a perfect gift for those who love the nostalgic scent of tobacco.

  • SOH Melbourne’s Belvedere scented candle

This brand of candle is a brand of tobacco candles that combines the scent of natural tobacco with that of rose.



Tobacco candles have many benefits, which include the following:

  • They are sophisticated

While some people may find tobacco candles tacky and unpleasant (particularly if they do not like the scent of tobacco), in certain circles, they may be seen as a sign of sophistication. Think jazz settings and cigars burning in a café on a breezy night – that is what the scent of tobacco means to some people, and if you burn tobacco scented candles (or give these candles out as gifts), you are likely to score brownie points with this kind of people.

  • They are good mood adjusters

Tobacco candles contain tobacco aroma oil, which is a good mood adjuster and enhancer. What this oil (i.e. tobacco aroma oil) does is that it helps in increasing a person’s self-awareness. It also assists them in clearing their thoughts and lifting up their general countenance. Another great thing about this oil is that it is completely natural, and contains absolutely zero alcohol. It also does not contain any synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances or coloring, which makes it highly sustainable.

  • They have nostalgic qualities

The sense of smell is a very important thing because it can help a person recall memories. Good memories, in particular, are often called upon by whiffs of aroma that others may dismiss. Yet, it is possible for the scent of chocolate to remind a person of their mother’s warm chocolate chip cookies, and for the aroma of tobacco candles to ignite the recollection of someone’s grandfather’s favorite tobacco blend. Therefore, tobacco candles have a highly nostalgic element, since they are capable of triggering the recollection of such memories.

  • They are unique

Tobacco candles are not very common, and this makes them unique. Oftentimes, people usually stumble upon them or go after them specifically. Either way, burning such a unique type of scented candle says something bold and different about a person. They make a bold statement, in a completely unique way.

  • They aid stress relief

One of the biggest benefits of scented candles is that they can be used to assist a person in relieving their stress and relaxing after a stressful day, or a stressful period of time. This is part of what makes them so useful in the field of aromatherapy. Tobacco candles, in particular, can be very good at performing this role. They may also be particularly useful in the treatment of other conditions apart from stress, such as; anger (i.e. they can be good for anger management), low attention span (i.e. when they are used during meditation) and for many other uses.



Most candles are harmful to some extent, because their usage involves combustion and the products of combustion, which include greenhouse gases. This is particularly true in the case of paraffin wax candles, which also emit some quantities of acetone, benzene, toluene and formaldehyde.

However, when it comes to tobacco candles, there is a lot of concern about other components – or the potential of other components. One of the possible components that people worry about, when it comes to tobacco candles is nicotine. This component is one of the major active chemicals of tobacco, which leads to addiction and other effects, many of which are adverse.

However, fortunately, tobacco candles do not typically contain nicotine, which makes them rather harmless on this level.

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